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6 Month FOID?

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I was going to sell a rifle to a co worker today, deal was made and I told him I had to run a FOID check and he could pick it up tomorrow.


ISP Check came back denied!


We both couldn't believe it until we looked close at his card. It was issued in Feb of 2018 and expired August of 2018!

Did he lose his card and apply for a new one around the beginning of the year perhaps? That would explain the issue date being 6 months from expiration.

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My foid expired because I never looked at the expiration on the foid card when I got my CCL and new foid card. The ccl was good till 2022 . I received the notice to renew but was not able to do it on the site. I realized it was expired when I received a letter to from ISP stating I had 48 hours to fill out the firearm disposition record form and take it to the local PD after I have given all my firearms to a valid foid card holder. I had my friend come and take my firearms and followed the process and turned in my foid and ccl to the local PD with the disposition record form. As soon as I got the notice I submitted to have the foid card reinstated it took 28 days and another 4 days for the mail to get the physical card. Now I'm not sure what I need to do to take my firearms back from my friend? Still waiting on the CCL to be reviewed since it was revoked because the foid was expired. :alien:

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That's what I'm thinking, but my friend is scared that ISP has a record of him taking the firearms and he will not have any record of giving them back.


Perhaps your friend could run your FOID through the system.

Print the page that says your FOID was verified.

List the details of your collection.

Use that as the receipt/record of the transfer back to you.

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