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An unusual question about FOID card, I can not find an answer on,

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My youngest son has a FOID card. He also has a State ID. He turns 16 in December, and that State ID expires. Now, he doesn't want to get his DL yet. In fact, because of a severe accident he was in with his mother, my Ex the VERY first time she gets extended visitation, during summer break (Years visitation lumped together, because she moved across country) when he was 12, it may be a while. At any rate, current picture on his FOID and State ID matches, and is of a quite a bit younger boy. When we renew the State ID he will get another pic taken and used on it.


SO, do we need to apply for an updated FOID, with the soon to be new picture?

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Like the other guy said No you don’t need to change it, unless you want to. If it causes an issue like he is no longer recognizeable in the old photo you can change it. But I doubt that will be a problem until he starts buying guns and ammo himself at age 18
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