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Dynamic Pistol I Class (1 day course) Nov 10, 2018


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This class is held on a private range near Frankfort , IL I know its hard to attend a 2 day class so I created a 1 day course so more people can get advanced training. You will learn how to properly shoot, balance speed and accuracy, movement, draw from holster etc. If you can attend 2 days then on Sunday November 11, 2018 we have a Quick Draw Class where you will learn how to draw from your holster at speed, learn efficient movements and shave a lot of time of your draw. Every .10 of a second matters.

If you have Any questions or would like to sign up for clsss email me at TheDynamicResponse@gmail.com

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Thank you everyone for coming and giving me the opportunity to train you. If you didn’t come thank you for the consideration and maybe I can train you in the future.



Dynamic Response


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