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Flannery on Fire tonight 7/13/18 9:30pm


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I taped Flannery Fired UP where I debated Father Pfleger on the gun issue. He really didn't want to debate just spew his Brady Campaign talking points.


It will be on tonight at 9:30pm and again on Sunday at 8:30 am



it should be fun, as I let loose with a few tidbits

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I honestly believe Father Pfleger doesn't really care about the issue, but uses it to try and fill the coffers.

No different then Union Thugs and other groups trying to keep money rolling in, play the issues, do community organization, get useful idiots voting for your true agenda which is money.

The right to self-defense a God given right, really makes him look very bad.

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Father Flakie does not believe in the 10 commandments.

Thou shalt not bear bear false witness.


He is a bald face liar.


Either that or Father Phleger has a very tenuous grip on reality, and his echo chamber provides him with confidence.


And what's that with his speech impediment - I thought I detected a lisp.

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