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Sanctuary gun counties in Illinois


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I was informed this evening by Bill Mays on the Livingston board that they passed their gun owner sanctuary resolution tonight by a vote of 11 to 6. Bill was the main proponent on the board pushing for it, and he said he used our Gun Sanctuary Counties Map on the Gun Rights Watch page on Facebook to help convince the other board members to vote for it.



...The board also approved a resolution to support 2nd Amendment rights. This motion was more narrowly passed, however, as several board members expressed discomfort in involving themselves in what they believed was becoming an ideological issue and not one of policy. It passed 11-6....

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Randolph County to put gun question to vote on November ballot. Have read Johnson plans to do same but not seen any links confirming.




Voters to decide on gun sanctuary question


...How the citizens of Randolph County feel about the Second Amendment and the idea of making the county a sanctuary county was a main topic of discussion at the Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting on July 13.


Commissioner Marc Kiehna noted that they have been asked several times if they would pass a resolution to declare the county as a gun sanctuary county, as many other counties, including Monroe and Perry, have already done.


We didnt want to do this alone, Kiehna stated. We felt the citizens should be involved and will put the question on the ballot to let the citizens decide.


He continued, noting that he is sensitive to the oath of office that they took and the county board cannot and should not tell the sheriff what laws to enforce. Instead, the sheriff should perform his job in his manner.


We want to know what the citizens feel. Its not our place to just do what Monroe and Perry Counties have done. We are not going to direct Sheriff Wolff to not abide by the law....

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Any update on McDonough County from 7/2?

MEETING DATE: MEETING TIME: Law & Legal July 2, 2018 7:00 P.M.

New Business (and items referred from other committees):

JP McLaughlin Sanctuary County

Just to note...this was at the law and legal committee...after posting I read this vote is for the committee and it still needs a full county board vote.




By Patrick Stout, Voice Correspondent

Posted Jul 5, 2018 at 12:05 AM


MACOMB McDonough County Sheriff Nick Petitgout introduced his new chief deputy, Adam Cremer, to the county boards law and legal committee Monday.


In other business, a local group requested county board endorsement of the county as a sanctuary county for 2nd Amendment rights. J. P. McLaughlin, a small business owner who teaches weapons training and sells guns, said 27 Illinois counties have already passed such resolutions.


Another member of the group, Marcus Hess, said, This is a fundamental liberty issue, We want to send a message.


The committee was asked to recommend a resolution opposing state enactment of anti-gun legislation. A draft document stated, The people of McDonough County derive economic benefit from all safe forms of firearms recreation, hunting and shooting using all types of firearms allowable under the United States Constitution.


McLaughlin said, We need to send a message to Springfield and Chicago. He said that he has trained 800 people in the safe use of firearms.


States Attorney Matt Kwacala said he considers the proposed resolution more of a PR thing. He said it wouldnt have legal standing. Once a law is passed, its presumed to be the law unless a court says differently.


Kwacala said he opposed one section in the proposed resolution that stated McDonough County will prohibit its employees from enforcing the unconstitutional actions of the state government.


He said he cannot endorse ignoring any state law.


County Board Chairman Scott Schwerer agreed, Disobeying the law can lead to anarchy, he said. Thats not the way I would want us to go.


Committee member Clarke Kelso moved that the resolution be recommended with the objected language removed. The committee approved the recommendation with one dissent, from member Alice Henry.


Noting the support of other Illinois counties, McLaughlin said, Im not normally a bandwagon person but this issue is hitting close to home....Its catching on nationwide.




Objected to "prohibit its employees from enforcing the unconstitutional actions of the state government", but they all take an oath to defend the constitution...


Do they not get enforcing unconstitutional actions of the state is a violation of their oath?

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It's been a month or more since I've been around IC. With DeKalb being red, how will this effect members of ASC? By that I mean, since the club only allows legal firearms to be fired on the property, will members be restricted to whatever new laws get on the books? Sorry to be so out of the loop, but I've been really busy with other stuff. I haven't been out to ASC all summer. I'm still trying to convince my wife to move out of state, but I'm fighting an uphill battle over here. Also been working really hard to get Governor Rauner elected.


Any answers on DeKalb will be very helpful. Also, I saw the latest update on Will (my county) in the thread. Please tell me what i can do to get involved and help our cause. Thanks in advance. Hope all my IC brothers and sisters are having an enjoyable and safe summer. Crazy weather and all. peace everyone.



DeKalb is split 50/50 Republican/Democrat and was told that the board president/chairman said he would not be bring the resolution forward. Likely they would have tie vote and not pass.

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Given what is going on in Knox County, I don't suppose we will see them on our side.

What is going on in Knox? I got a lot of family there.
Guessing it is related to this thread



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Christian county is listed green and reportedly passed resolution in May but just read this


Anyone with info?


Gun referendum to appear on Nov. ballot

The Christian County Board approved a resolution unanimously which will place an advisory referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot in Christian County. The action took place during the board’s monthly meeting which took place Tuesday night in the courthouse in Taylorville.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Christian passed back in May, so this something else?



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Yes. Molly posted in #269 some boards are doing a ballot initiative in addition to passing the sanctuary resolution.

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Given what is going on in Knox County, I don't suppose we will see them on our side.

What is going on in Knox? I got a lot of family there.



A farmer by the name of James Love shot and killed a 19 year old just south of the Henry County line. The State's Attorney charged him with Murder One. The Grand Jury refused to indict Love on that charge so the State's Attorney has recharged him with Murder One and is going the preliminary hearing route looking for a judge to indict him.


The information through the media is very incomplete. What we do know is the 19 year old was on probation for Mob Violence and his own mother (who now tells everyone what an angel he was) filed an for an Order of Protection earlier this year against her son. This started with an early morning car crash which Love responded to (about 300 yards from his home) after hearing the crash and very loud arguing. Love armed himself before investigation. Apparently there was a fight in which Love (59) was struck (at least once) by the 19 year old body builder. Love shot him once in the leg and had the bad luck to hit a femoral artery. They apparently did not know each other and the other guy in the car crash took off running before the gun was even used.


Either there is a lot going unreported, or, the Sheriff and the State's Attorney are very anti gun.

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I've heard that Massac is going to have a November vote too, but that's unconfirmed. If anyone can confirm it, please do.
Pike County had their meeting the other day and the chairman presented a resolution, but put the vote off for a later meeting. Their next meeting isn't until October, according to their schedule.

That's all I have for now.

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I've heard that Massac is going to have a November vote too, but that's unconfirmed. If anyone can confirm it, please do.

Pike County had their meeting the other day and the chairman presented a resolution, but put the vote off for a later meeting. Their next meeting isn't until October, according to their schedule.

That's all I have for now.

Thanks Scott. Sounds like this may be a topic at several August meetings.


Massac discussed in Topix msg board. Another case of initially reported as passed but reality is November referendum.



but also in metropolisplanet paper




By Michele Longworth Planet Reporter reporter@metropolisplanet.comJul 19, 2018

Motion approved to place gun sanctuary referendum on ballot


Formally adopted a non-binding resolution to be placed on the November ballot in support of second amendment rights. The yes or no question will read: Shall Massac County become a sanctuary county for law abiding gun owners to protect them from unconstitutional gun laws passed by the Illinois General Assembly?


Farmer said several individuals approached him saying other counties such as Pope, Saline and Johnson have already passed the gun sanctuary resolution. In total 30 Illinois counties have already passed the resolution.

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Updated map.Please let me know if there are any additions or corrections.

Thanks for the map update.


Don't know about Johnson County for sure. The folks over at Gun Rights Watch who are following this closely have them mentioned as a referendum but the Massac county news article implies Johnson passed it.


Will keep looking but these board decisions are not easy to find. The boards that do have web sites are often 2-3 months behind getting meeting minutes posted and many of the local papers require a paid subscription online.


If anyone knows more about Johnson county please post.

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I know the reds mean NO but what do the blues and yellows mean?


Any word on Cook? I havent gotten a response yet.

When we get a response we can color them on the map.Expecting to color them commie red.Here are then colors on the map.

Red - Refused to consider or voted against gun sanctuary resolution.

Yellow - Passed other non-gun sanctuary bill against state anti-2A legislation.

Blue - Pending citizen vote.

Green - Passed

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Thanks, Interested Bystander.


I made the suggestion because, as updates are posted some members, especially newer ones, may be seeing the thread for the first time. Searching back to the first map can be cumbersome.

I agree it would make it better...eg the blue voter referendums are not clear on the illinois carry nor as yellow on the gun rights watch map. Edited by InterestedBystander
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Brown and Greene are already listed as passed in the map but below is a linked NRA article from today discussing their resolutions




Brown, Greene among gun sanctuary counties


CARROLLTON A quarter of Illinois county governments have passed resolutions declaring their county a gun sanctuary, including those in Brown and Greene counties.


The resolutions come in response to cities and counties that have declared themselves sanctuary cities and urge local law enforcement not to comply with federal immigration law. Gun sanctuary resolutions urge law enforcement not to act on federal gun control laws.


Mark Strang, the Greene County boards vice chairman, said the symbolic nature of the resolution is in defiance of counties that see fit not to follow the law.


The same politicians that overlook those (immigration) laws are the same ones trying to impose gun laws in the state of Illinois, Strang said. Were saying that if youre not going to enforce rules regarding immigration, well just have our own gun control laws.


Strang has been acting as board chairman while Chairman Joe Nord deals with health issues.


Greene County passed its gun sanctuary resolution at the end of June with four yes votes, two absent and one present vote from Randy Custer, who also is a member of the Illinois State Police.


Strang said guns are important to many counties in the southern part of the state and, by standing in solidarity with fellow gun advocates, they might succeed in promoting the right to bear arms.


Several years ago we had a nonbinding referendum on the ballot dealing with concealed carry and we had people laughing at us, saying wed never get that done in Illinois, Strang said. But we had enough counties that cared about that and were concerned about it and now we have concealed carry in Illinois, one of the last states to have it. Were sending a message to our legislators.


Gun sanctuary resolutions declare several gun-related bills unconstitutional, including one that makes it illegal to buy or possess large-capacity magazines, one that would raise the legal gun purchase age from 18 to 21, and one that prohibits municipalities from regulating the possession of assault weapons.


Counties that have passed such a resolution include Brown, Christian, Clark, Clay, Cumberland, Douglas, Effingham, Fayette, Ford, Greene, Hamilton, Hardin, Henry, Iroquois, Jasper, Jefferson, Lawrence, Monroe, Perry, Pope, Saline, Shelby, Washington, Wayne, White and Woodford.


Strang urged other counties to join the movement to add to the strength of the message.


Its to show the hypocrisy of these counties not abiding by the _immigration) law, Strang said. Guns are something we treasure and we dont want a bunch of laws made against our gun ownership rights.

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Williamson vote in November???


Full story at link...




Gun control question won't be on Williamson County ballot


Jul 26, 2018 Updated Jul 27, 2018 2


MARION Williamson County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jim Marlo was ready to move forward with asking November voters their thoughts on gun control, but was stopped short in the board's meeting Thursday when the other two members declined to bring the matter to a vote.


The item on Thursdays agenda stemmed from a previously tabled item the board was drafting language to put on the November ballot about whether voters thought the board should take a stand against any proposed gun control legislation at the state level.


Marlo then spoke, commenting that had they had this information about the language before their last vote to proceed to finalizing the question, which has to be approved by Aug. 20 to be put on the ballot, then things might have been different. But, he said it was his intention to move forward on what they had.


He made a motion to bring the item to a vote.


It was never seconded.


Marlo also said he felt like the board had already set in motion putting this issue on the November ballot and he intends on pushing forward.

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This was in the other county ballot by Representative & Senator thread I started. Until I saw what they decided to do I was waiting to post it here. I wasn't clear if they were also still considering board referendum. http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=69693&hl= Edited by InterestedBystander
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Now waiting to hear results from full Marion Co board Tuesday (tomorrow night). Below was committee response from last week 8/7.

i.e. Pass pro gun resolution, do not pass gun sanctuary resolution.




Marion County Board Committee Stops Short of Becoming Sanctuary County for Gun Rights

August 8, 2018 | by Toby Gullion

The Marion County Boards Community Relations Committee Tuesday night was unanimous in its support for second amendment gun rights, but rejected becoming a sanctuary county.


Committee Chair Tabitha Meador feels the resolution will make the position of the county board clear to those in Springfield, without creating legal problems that could occur under a sanctuary declaration. She read from the resolution when arguing this was the best way to put Marion County on the record against gun control legislation.


We hereby oppose the enactment of any legislation that would infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bare arms and consider such laws to be unconstitutional and beyond legislative authority. We further resolve that Marion County Board demands that the Illinois General Assembly cease any action restriction the right of the people to keep and bare arms and hereby demand the governor of Illinois to veto any such legislation.


Meador notes 30 other counties have now passed some type of legislation against legislation that would impact second amendment rights.


A lot of the initial counties have had to review it and have had legal problems. I was doing some research and I dont wanna say jumping the gun, but creating these sanctuary counties has created more problems and Im trying to avoid that and I would hope the committee would be trying to avoid that as well whereas this still sends that message.


Meador noted the resolution is much more specific than many counties and addresses issues rather than specific legislative bills. She notes all of the bills of concern during the last legislative session failed to advance, with the exception of one that was vetoed by the Governor. Meador notes the issues could come back, but will have different bill numbers rendering the resolutions passed in many counties worthless.


Many of the two dozen in attendance at the meeting wanted Marion County to become a sanctuary county. Committee member Steve Whritenhour noted if a bill comes forward in the future that would limit gun rights, the county board could revisit becoming a sanctuary county at that time.


The issue goes before the full county board next Tuesday night.

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La Salle County Board puts gun rights question on ballot

'Sanctuary' wording removed




On Thursday, the La Salle County Board fired off a statement to state lawmakers to be mindful of gun rights.


By a 26-1 vote, the board decided to ask voters on the Nov. 6 ballot to say yes or no to the question, "Shall La Salle County oppose the passage of any bill where the Illinois General Assembly desires to restrict the individual right of U.S. citizens as protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution."


Copies of the resolution placing the question on the ballot are to be sent to the governor and every legislature member.


An earlier draft of the resolution had language that wanted the county declared a "sanctuary county for law-abiding gun owners to protect them from unconstitutional gun laws," but the wording was removed.


Board members who backed the resolution said they want Springfield to know how La Salle County feels about gun rights, believing most county voters will vote against further gun restrictions.


Tom Walsh, D-Ottawa, was the only board member to vote against the resolution, but not because he looks unfavorably upon guns, Walsh noted he has permits to carry a concealed gun in three states, one of which is Illinois.


Rather, Walsh said he was concerned about jurisdiction, believing the board was "out of place" in laying the resolution down over the municipalities in the county. He said towns should consider the issue on their own, without the county speaking for them. Walsh said the resolution should only have applied to unincorporated areas of the county.


Walsh's position drew criticism from a few board members, with Allen Erbrederis, R-Somonauk, describing Walsh's view as "ridiculous," saying the board represents citizens in the entire county, including municipalities.


Larry Johnson, who helps run JJ's Pub in Ottawa, spoke to the board before the vote, as a concerned citizen, saying as someone in the hospitality business, "I'm nervous about guns. I support the Second Amendment, but I don't want to see guns in taverns. I've seen enough Old Western movies."


Johnson recalled the fight between biker groups at JJ's last August, after which three guns were found.


"It was scary," Johnson said, adding he personally knows what a bullet can do, as he was shot in Vietnam.


No shots were fired during the biker fight.


Jack Leininger, a former county board member from Marseilles, also addressed the board. Leininger noted he is a gun instructor, but asked the board to put off the vote on the resolution, and take more time to consider it.

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