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Voluntary Mental Health Admission 6.5 years ago

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A little info on my situation:


When I was 21 I got drunk one night and my sister called the cops and I went to the hospital to detox and I told the Dr I was going to hurt myself. I went through a lot of hard times especially after my mom committed suicide. (She jumped in front of truck on a highway while I was walking alongside her). Well fast forward to now 4/5/18 I applied for FOID on line through the IL State Police site and I was denied for "voluntary mental health admission" in 10/3/2011 . I got a degree in criminology and I'm looking to work in law enforcement so a FOID card is needed.


I went to my doctor that is certified in IL and he mailed in the mental health certification to the ISP address. I mailed the FOID appeals and liability and investigation docs to ISP. I checked online and it still states "denied"


Now my question is it's been 6.5 years or so do I also need a letter from a psychiatrist and all those notarized letters outlined in the mental health guideline sheet or is all that paperwork only required for <5 years ago for mental health admission?



Sorry if this question has been asked already. I have called the ISP and I can never get through.


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