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FOID renewal not an option when logging in

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So this message is for my father and I havent been able to find an answer anywhere so Im throwing it up here. My dads FOID expires in June and the number does not match his CCL which Im aware of the reasons for that. He wants to renew his FOID now and the tab or button when he logs in is not allowing him to click on it to renew. My guess is because that number is going bye bye. So, how does he get a new foid with the new number? Does he apply for a totally brand new one? Does that make his old one and CCL invalid while he waits? Thanks for the help in advance. Edited by Squints08
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Renewal button not active until 60 days prior to expiration.


edit: https://www.ar15.com/forums/Hometown/Wife-having-trouble-with-on-line-FOID-renewal/23-622810/#i6868917


..."my wife got a personal phone call from the Illinois State Police office this am. He responded to a letter she wrote to them about a week ago about her experience on the ISP website. He did verify that she can NOT renew her FOID until 60 days or less from the expiration date. She said he was quite pleasant and polite."...


(430 ILCS 65/13.2) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-13.2)

Sec. 13.2. The Department of State Police shall, 60 days prior to the expiration of a Firearm Owner's Identification Card, forward by first class mail to each person whose card is to expire a notification of the expiration of the card and an application which may be used to apply for renewal of the card.

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I just got off the site from submitting my FOID renewal app. I am 90 days out from expiration. The "renew" button was highlighted when I logged in. I tried it and it let me complete the renewal process. So they are apparently taking renewals prior to 60 days.



This is great news! If others find the same with the site, please chime in here!

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I got a letter this week the ISP that my FOID would expire in June

I was able to renew online. Now to see if it renews before the expiration date.

Current FOID expires 06/01/2018

Applied for renewal 4/2/2018

Renewed date 4/26/2018

Received date 4/30/2018


Less than 30 days.


FOID number now matches FCCL.

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