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Over 5 months since I applied for my FOID...and now it says "Revoked"?!?

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I *think* this is the right forum section on here for this. Found this site while searching for info on this, thought I'd ask you guys before giving them a call...


I didn't think to write down the exact dates for this stuff as it didn't occur to me I'd need to, so the dates are fuzzy and I may have the wording wrong, but:


I applied for my FOID either late April or early May, and the status said (I think) "Active" as of early May, probably first week of May.


Was really hoping to get it before vacation (which has LONG since come and gone) but I'd read online that it can take a LONG time, so I waited until I think mid July before calling them to ask what was going on.


The woman I spoke with was perfectly nice, confirmed my address, and (if I'm remembering right) thought it got lost in the mail. I'm not having any issues with my mail service that I know of-I'm getting all my bills I should be getting at least. She said she'd reissue it, and the status would update after they sent it to the printers (I got the impression they send it to some company to print it, and it's out of their control at that point, but that's just an impression).


So a week or three go by, and the issue date changes from early May to early August...and I keep waiting. Decided I'd give it another two months before contacting them.


Logged in last week and it still had "Active" with that second issue date in August.


Log in yesterday and now it's saying my status is "revoked"?!?

I know she did say something about revoking or invalidating or something the first card, but it's been showing as active with the new date for over 2 months now.

Also I read on here that people back in 2016 were getting physical letters in the mail a week after their status went active that they were active and that their card would be arriving. I don't know if they're still mailing letters like that, but I never got one.

Anyone have any idea what could be going on? I read somewhere that if your card is revoked you legally have to turn it in or something. Well I never GOT either card, and I have no idea why it would be revoked (save that the first card was apparently invalidated, so maybe that means it was "revoked"...or maybe they "revoke" it if it gets sent back in the mail undelivered?).

What the heck do I do?

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I'm not seeing it? Like I go to the main page here:




I click the "Enter" button for FOID Card, fill in my password, and it takes me to a screen that says "Application Summary", and the only number on it is the one in the box that says "Your Firearm Owner's Identification Card", which I assume is the number that's on my (non-existent, and now revoked) card?

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I'll probably have a chance to call them again tomorrow. NOT looking forward to it since I don't know what the heck is going on. Anyway if anyone's got any advice for me or anything, or any idea why they'd say my card I never got is "revoked", let me know!


If you reported to ISP that you did not received the FOID card, they might be considering it as 'Lost' which would result in it being listed as revoked until the new card is issued.

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Oookay. So it's been a bit over a month, and I haven't heard anything. I logged in to the ispfsb.com site, and there is a "renew" button under the "revoked" message. I don't remember that being there before, but it doesn't do anything when I click it.


I'm kind of busy and dreading having to call them again, but I guess that's what I'm stuck doing?


(And I'm now at over 7 MONTHS since I first started this!)

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Wow. I finally got a chance to call. "FUN". Going to rant a bit because WOW. But I'll try to hit the important points first.


So the woman I got the last time I called was perfectly nice, and helpful. This woman was rude, but more on that later...


I was told on the phone, and the website claimed that I was sent a FOID card twice. This woman adamantly claimed that I was never sent a card. She claims that in October they mailed me a letter. Not 100% sure what it says, but I guess saying I was revoked, or whatever. Not sure if it said WHY, not sure it gives info on whatever appeal process there is.


This woman verified my mailing address (AGAIN) and claims they're mailing me a second letter. Despite what she claims, this will now be the FOURTH thing they've supposedly mailed me. I'm really not expecting it to ever show up. I asked her why I was "revoked" or whatever, and she said she couldn't tell me unless I have the letter...something like that.


So I guess I wait AGAIN for this letter, and hope it tells me what the heck is going on, or that at least I can call and ask them what the heck is going on.

Now, more ranting, because I feel like ranting. I think I was perfectly polite. I know dealing with customer service sucks, I always try to be polite. I don't think I did anything that would justify how she acted. Her tone of voice was fairly nasty. She complained in length that she didn't like the answers to my security questions, and as much as demanded that I change them, acted like I'd done something wrong. I *never* use real answers, I use random data for that kind of thing, which is what you're supposed to do. Also, she shouldn't have access to them anyway-they shouldn't actually be stored at all, but rather hashed and THAT stored. Like what the heck? I just tried to politely explain I use random data for them or whatever.

Then she spends time kind of berating me for not calling earlier. Like what? I'm the customer/citizen here. I'm trying not to be a pain, and also I've been really busy this past couple months, and expect all this to just WORK. If I didn't call for 5 YEARS that would be my prerogative, and none of her business.


So...I don't know. I guess I'm waiting on a letter now. Forgot to ask how long it supposedly takes. Oh, her tone of voice was like I was lying about not getting this magical letter. Am glad I told her several times that I was told on the phone, AND on the website that the FOID had been issued, despite her claims.


*sigh* I have no idea what's involved with this "appeal", nor why I'm apparently stuck doing it.

I didn't have a *gigantic* problem with this process if it was fast and simple, but that seems to not actually be the case. I was originally planning on going shooting with a friend in another state LAST SUMMER, and at this point may end up asking you guys about the legality of buying a gun out of state and just having him hang on to it or whatever. I honestly expected getting a concealed carry license to be WAY less of a hassle than just getting my FOID...

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