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Military FOID Question

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Thanks for taking the time to read this post and comment. I am a resident of the state of TN but stationed at Scott AFB in IL. I have a FOID card but have never been (nor will I ever be) a resident of this state. So the problem I just ran into is that when I tried to purchase a gun and the salesman asked for FOID and my drivers license, they have two different addresses on them. Gander Mountain told me they would not sell me the firearm without a copy of my orders however, I've purchased two guns at other stores in IL and neither had asked me for that. The manager kept telling me that it's a state of IL requirement but the state of IL issued me a FOID card so they have all of my military information. So my question is, is he right? Am I going to be expected to show my orders every time I want to buy a gun or is this a case where he was just misinformed? i would think a valid military ID and a FOID card that is only 3 months old would be enough

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I don't recall having to ever provide a Drivers License beyond a FOID card to purchase a firearm. I called an FFL to confirm only a FOID card is required for to purchase a firearm.


Then for the heck of it, I called "On Target", Crystal Lake, and asked specifically what was required from an active duty service member who has a non-resident military FOID card. I was told just a FOID card.


Then for the heck of it, I called Gander Mountain, Algonquin, and was told all of what you said was needed (FOID, DL, and copy of orders) The guy said that's how he was taught. Can't find a main number for Gander Mountain so I can't say if that's Gander policy or if I happened to take to the same guy as you.

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Simple answer is that is not the law- only FOID required. Better answer- shop somewhere else that knows the laws and actually has someone at the counter who knows the laws.


Also, I would guess there is someone at Scott that has an FFL and has a very low or no transfer fee for military. I still get guns from someone that I flew with, but he is in NE Illinois.

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Gander Mountain has been picky for me as well. I moved, got a new DL with the new address and changed my FOID address online. Tried to buy a shotgun at Gander and was turned down for the sale because the address on my new DL and my FOID didn’t match. They told me I would need to come back with a FOID with an address that matched my DL.


That was 2005 and haven’t been back since. Won’t ever be either since this location is going out of business.

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Thank y'all for the replies. Really appreciate y'all takin the time to help a brother out. I typically don't buy from gander but their liquidation price on the Browning BPS 12 Gauge is pretty damn good right now especially with the rebate Browning is offering. I usually buy from Sportsman Outdoor Superstore online, they've got the best prices I've found. Can't believe how hard it is to get your hands on a gun in this state. What's worse, is it's almost more restrictive for military members! Once again though, thanks y'all!
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ATF regulations (mandated by the Brady Act) require proof of (1) identification and (2) residency. In most states, for typical residents, this translates to a driver's license with your photo and street address; that satisfies both requirements.


Of course, under federal law, military members are considered residents of the state in which they are stationed with respect to buying/selling/transferring firearms. Per the ATF, military members can provide a military ID to satisfy the identification requirement, and a copy of orders to satisfy the "residency" requirement.


In Illinois, the FOID is intended to cover both ID and residency requirements, and the state has already seen your orders to verify you qualify for a FOID. If Gander Mountain objects to the different addresses, I would simply plan to have my orders with me if there's a chance I will purchase there. IMHO it's not a big deal.


In case you aren't aware, this state does NOT consider you a resident for purposes of obtaining a concealed carry license. You can buy and sell firearms here all you want but don't take them outside of your home or car unless they're unloaded and in a case!


FYI, I'm at Scott AFB too but will PCS in a couple of weeks to a "free" state where I am free to defend myself outside of my home and car.

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