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my foid card story.

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hello, ive been a member here for idk a month got a lot of gd. info. well i dont wanna make this long so here we go. applied for foid 3/21 denied 3/24 mental healt admission over 5 years out of will co.they had all the forms i needed with the letter.got mental health eval.on 4/10 sent appeal 4/13 certified mail so did Dr. Called isp said apeal went into the system on 4/18.on 5/7 i emailed the governors office. got a reply on 5/12 that they would look into my request.im not gonna say what i wrote. it may have had nothing to do with what happened today. on the isp website its said denial the whole time never went to review or anything like that.Today 5/16 i checked website it says active. issued 5/16/2017 expires 5/16/2027. just a fluke coincidence? I dont know. so what happens now they mail me the card? thnx. for listening to this it might help some one. Tommy

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