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Introduction to Tactical Carbine-May 6 2017-Chillicothe


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Introduction to Tactical Carbine is a course that will take you from having a “safe queen” to having a rifle you can rely on and use effectively. We get your carbine off the bench and put it where it belongs, in your hands! Class begins with basic manipulation of your weapon and gaining an understanding of all the controls and their function. As the day progresses, you work through reloading your carbine in an efficient manner, identifying jams, clearing malfunctions, movement, utilizing cover and concealment, various shooting positions and more. The day will culminate with an “obstacle course” that will put all your newly refined skills to use. While not a timed or scored event, it creates an adrenaline dump that further tests your ability to quickly, yet accurately, put hits on your target.


*** ~ Sign in starts at 8AM ~ ***
Safety Briefing at 8:45
Clinic 9 AM until 5 PM

More information and registration here:


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