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Changing FOID address, web site says "under review"

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Hello All,


I was helping my dad change his FOID address, we created his account, and went through the process of verifying his account.


We changed the address to the one on his drivers license, and paid the $6.


However instead of confirming that he is getting a new card, it now says "under review".


Could it be an issue we used my credit card for the payment process? Is his current FOID invalid now!?

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From my understanding, when one does a change of address on the ISP FSB website it is normal for your status to say "under review" after submitting an address change.

The name on the credit card shouldn't matter, I paid for my Dads FOID card as well and there was no issue.


You Dads old FOID card should also still be valid, that is if it is not expired yet, while waiting for the new one to arrive.


"Under review" when doing a change in address is not the same as when one initially applies for their FOID However, I could be mistaken here and welcome any insight from any well informed members.

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