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Call to Action Protocol


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Like other organizations, IllinoisCarry often finds it necessary to issue legislative alerts asking our members' help in contacting legislators and filing witness slips, either in support or opposition to various bills. These alerts may take the form of emails and Facebook posts and, in our case, may also include topics posted to our forums mirroring our other forms of communication.


Our messages are often phrased differently from one medium to another, and are commonly timed to occur as waves of information. This helps ensure that those who have overlooked or not received our other messages are kept informed, and acts as a reminder to those who have received them. It also allows us to update our alerts as the need arises and to tailor messages that may differ from others sending their own alerts, both in content and priority.


Because of this, we ask that you reserve posting alerts or Calls to Action on the forums to IllinoisCarry staff.


If you feel an alert has been overlooked please bring it to the attention of myself or Molly B, via PM, so we can determine whether action is necessary and desirable, and so it can be coordinated properly with other ongoing efforts.

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