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Highland Park Not Flying Flag at Half Staff


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Just noticed that the fine City of Highland Park isn't flying the prominent American flag on Central Ave or the flag at the Public Library at half staff as ORDERED by the President in honor of Justice Antonin Scalia.


Anybody think that this may be political in nature?


Can't think of anything more disgusting and/or disrespectful other than all of the other actions that HP have taken over the past several years. Thoughts? Is this legal?



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Also called City Hall. Waited forever to leave a message.


A bunch of calls may get something done. 847-926-1000


BTW.....there is a VERY small area dedicated to veterans where there is a small flag at half staff. BUT..........they ALWAYS fly the other mentioned flags (one huge one that you can see a half mile away) at half staff for everything else. i.e. other politicians, shootings, etc.

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I imagine it was just an oversight.


I actually have a pretty funny story about the flag.


My friend's father is a Greek immigrant, and came here probably 50 years ago. One day he came back home to a note on the door that was obviously written by one of the neighbors. On his flagpole, he has the Stars and Stripes on top, and below it the Greek flag. Apparently the note said that due to the condition of the flag, Old Glory should never be flown tattered like it is and should be immediately taken down and replaced. I thought it was pretty funny because I saw the flag the day before and it wasn't in particularly bad shape.


Anyway, now mind you, my friend's dad was pushing late 70's at the time and he bought a new flag only to replace the old one. My buddy was home as it was a Saturday and the doorbell rang. It was the police.


The police asked if anything was wrong and if they needed help so my buddy was pretty confused and asked why they felt that way. They said that they saw the flag flying upside down and thought that something was wrong LOL. Apparently my friends dad got confused as he put the new flag on and inadvertently placed both the American Flag along with the Greek one upside down hahahahahahahaha.

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I have a prominent flag pole in front of my building, illuminated at night of course. I am pretty particular about following flag etiquette precisely.


It's not that hard, all you have to do is care.


I buy my flags from a family business that also has a sign-up for half-staff notifications.



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