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Does anyone offer these instructor courses


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Honestly, I recommend taking the RSO course in person. Not only is it much more fun, for the same price as the online course, but there's an extra mini tacmed first aid module included at no charge, and you get a goody bag including a free Israeli bandage among other things. The online course is unbelievably boring. Why not get personal instruction with additional free training for the same price as the boring online course?


Full disclosure, I'm Rocco's training partner, but regardless the in person training is a much better deal than the online course.



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I took Rocco's RSO last year. Very informative and fun. I highly recommend it. Taught me a lot about RSO and a little about life in general.

OMG, now I'm really scared!

Rocco talked me into this class this weekend and I have no life!

How the heck am I supposed to grasp this whole learn about life thing?

I may just stop at McDonalds and then just tell the wife I went to class but I'll just eat all day breakfasts instead!

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