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NRA "Refuse to Be a Victim" Sessions


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Ive heard good feedback about this program in the past but never saw these sessions. Not about guns. Promoting local sessions to my neighborhood watch community.


See link for video introduction and registration for sessions in your area. Thank you.








Went to above seminar with my wife yesterday. Only $5, each (normally $30).


Outstanding! Four hours went fast. NRA Text Book topics: Psychology of Criminal Predators, Mental Preparedness, Physical Security, Home Security, Automobile Security, Out-of-Town Travel Security, Technological Security, Personal Protection Devices.


Excellent Instructor: Church Pastor, in his church (Lombard), who is also an NRA "instructor of Instructors." He said "sin is my business" and had plenty of experience with both crime predators and crime victims. During "Psychology of Criminal Predators," he made it clear, there are plenty of criminals who can't be saved and confirmed these characteristics: manipulative, viewing niceness as a weakness, constantly seeking criminal opportunities, overconfidence, demeaning their victims to increase their sense of self-worth, masking themselves with a façade of conformity (blend in with everybody else)


Outstanding foundation for your neighborhood watches.

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