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Intro to Defensive Shotgun

Dr. G

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Introduction to Defensive Shotgun






Owning a shotgun, shooting a shotgun, & hunting with a shotgun, is not the same as fighting with a shotgun! This course is oriented towards fighting with a shotgun.


This one day defensive shotgun course emphasizes safe shotgun handling techniques, various carrying techniques and positions, loading, unloading and ammo swapping techniques; quick reloading procedures and effective recoil management. It also covers various shotgun fighting positions, stoppage clearance procedures, and a speed reload/competition drill that you won’t forget! Either a 12 or 20 gauge, pump action, or semi automatic shotguns are acceptable for this class. Ammunition requirements: 80 rds. (65 rds. Buckshot and 15 rds, slug).

A sling is required for your shotgun. A tactical sling is preferred ( where the shotgun hangs in front of you) but a standard sling (where the shotgun hangs over one shoulder) is acceptable.


When: Saturday August 29, 2015

WHERE: Sand Burr Gun Ranch, Rochester, Indiana

TIME: 9:00 am (Rochester is in the Eastern time zone, one hour ahead of Illinois).

Cost: $125.00 per person. For more information visit our web site at: www.personalprotectionconsultants.com, or call us at (773) 415-1814 .


Rochester, In. is a two hour drive from Chicago. I recommend the Super 8 Motel at 209 McDonald Dr., Rochester, In. 46975 Phone number (574-224-8080. Tell them that you are taking a class at the Sand Burr Gun Ranch and you automatically qualify for a discount rate.


Shotgun/Rifle Practice session on Sun. Aug. 30, 2015, same location. $40.00 30 rds of Buckshot & 10 rds of slug. 200rds Rifle

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