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Black Flag Personal Protection in the Home Instructor course - Aug 1, 2015

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Great Idea NRAPISTOL!!!

How many IL instructors have done so already???

At least 74 since Jan 2014 that I can speak to personally.

Our course is 175.00 and includes an additional lecture on home invasion and predatory violence.

It has been heralded here several times.

The next PPITH Instructor will be the first Sat. in August, in Park Ridge.

For those considering it as a supplement to your FCCL courses, a word of caution...

There are several major training agencies we work with that employ PPITH as part of their curriculum, and in these days of lowered enrollment, when we are not so much seeing the avid gun owners in our classrooms but their wives siblings, parents and friends, a much larger overall percentage of students are trending toward the uninitiated as far as firearms.

While this is OUTSTANDING on its face, PPITH is geared as a class that builds on a students solid fundamentals with their firearms. Rock loves to sell courses and LOVES instructors seeking to add viable tools to their toolbox, but it would be unfair to peddle PPITH as an easy fix based on what you will be working with in the classroom.

Most of the vendors I mentioned earlier have indicated movements away from this....or at least offering it as a second option so they can accomadate everyone.

That being said, we feel PPITH is one of the NRA’S best civilian programs, and the bssic material is easily supplemented with additional drills and current methodology!


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Maybe it's time i fork out the $$$ for PPITH instructor course.....BINGO


How many of you BP instructors have bothered taking another course since you became a CC instructor? PPITH is not online (yet) and the ISP accepts it as 8 hours credit. That could cover you in case BP is no longer approved, or you could curse the dark. On one hand I see a group of instructors wanting the NRA to help them and on the other hand I see the NRA trying to reach as many people as possible. I`ll stick with the NRA for now. [/size]


Tac Med Essentials - Basic

United States Rifleman Defensive Pistol 1

First-aid for RSO and Firearms Instructor

Chief Range Safety Officer


I read and study the way other trainers train. I have read some of the NRA's LE training material, I've read the PPITH and PPOTH lesson plans and suspect I could probably do an adequate job teaching though I'd never do it w/o getting the ticket punched.

You would be excellent.

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This is hitting facebook in yhe next couple days, and will fill to capacity quickly. So if you're on the fence, now is the time.


This is the best deal for the highest quality PPITH instructor workshop you'll find in the Chicago land area. Very close to multiple modes of travel and hotels. This workshop will be full after hitting facebook, so get in while you still can.


Only $175. Almost half of what some charge!

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Rocco's PPITH as well as Home Invasion Section are OUTSTANDING! His wife's cookies are equally amazing. Speaking of Mrs. Rocco...I really love her original post and what she said about the changing trend in CCL classes. 100% on point. The current pool of students, for the most part, are not nearly as experienced as the "gun nuts" (like most of us here) that got our licenses last year. We've had to add more staff in classroom as well as on the range to insure both safety, as well as to make sure that the students are actually grasping the fundamentals they need before we can sign off on their certificate. I know that none of the instructors on IC do any rubber stamping...but we need to be even more diligent in this changing environment.

There needs to be an online site to buy those cookies. :-)

- chip

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