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May as well change mine to reflect my 2013 status. Don't know what I did to annoy God off but I sure as he!! wish I hadn't done it headbang1.gif


Sen 12 Sandoval


Rep 23 Burke


Are they both running unopposed in the November election?

Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D) 12th District He's running Unopposed in the primary Some background on how he operates Note the Ald. Ed Burke (14th) mention in the article. If you're not familiar with Chicago politics his wife is an Illinois Supreme Court Justice and he just happens to be getting bodyguard protection courtesy of taxpayer dollars.


I'm not sure now about Burke even being my Rep since I saw the following on http://ballotpedia.org Burke is running unopposed in the 1st. It's interesting that Daniel Burke just happens to be Ed Burke's brother. My guess is he was put in the 1st to avoid running against Madigan's waterboy Zalewski. I expect Zalewski to win in the 23rd and to be stuck with him.


District 23

Note: Incumbent Daniel Burke (D) is running for re-election in District 1.


http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/images/Blue_Party_dot.png March 20 Democratic primary candidates:

http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/images/Red_Party_dot.png March 20 GOP primary candidates:

  • No candidates have filed

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OK--thanks, Shackleford (sorry I missed you last night--not sure how that happened), Helpdesk9, Jfd287, and Jason4567. Got you all.


Skottieusa, could you check those district numbers again? They don't correspond with each other. If you're in the 112th representative district (Rep. Kay) you should be in the 56th senate district (Sen. Haine). If you're in the 51st senate district (Sen. McCarter), you should be in either the 101st house district (Rep. Adam Brown) or the 102nd (Rep. Paul Evans).

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