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shoot/ don't shoot dvd

Terry 9595

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I have never understood this fascination some instructors seem to have with resorting to video.


This is a great idea that both you and your partner (partner in particular) are very capable of executing with some very valuable training here.


1. Pick up several "hostile" targets and indicator pasties (gun, knife, badge, phone) from LE targets, range systems, or the retailer of your choice....I would stay away from hostage or complicated targets for this, (as you only have so much time in a FCCL course) and the focus of this drill will be to make a quick decision based on a quick scan and timed response.


2. Make three H type stands (footless) out of cardboard and furring strips, standing around 5-6ft...and affix targets. This is a fixed expense,(15.00) and not mounting them gives you the ability to move them around a bit for concept emphasis.


3. Im assuming you have Sirt pistols or their equivalent. ..but if not blue guns can be used in a pinch.


4. Stopwatch


First explain what you are going to do and why. You dont have to go all OODA on them, but a synapsis of quick decision making, reactionary gap, and areas to scan will be vital. Explain that they will be timed, and will only have 3-4 full seconds to make a shoot/no shoot decision from the moment they are exposed to the target. This would ideally be done after The Legal and segments on physiological stress responses have been covered.


You can start with them entering the room, but as this is not meant to distract with aspects of entry, I would turn of the lights, walk them to their start position in the room one at a time from the hall. Let them begin with the pistol in their hand. When they are unholstered and ready, the lights come on and timer begins. Be vigilant on time. Your first set of targets should be straight up..with 1 obvious hostile and tightly clustered in center of the room. This will almost guarantee they will tunnel out on the center target in the next set, so by randomly spacing out the targets on the second go, you create emphasis on phys. Reac. and create a teachable moment on our predisposition to close focus.


After each student goes once, debrief for 5 minutes and let THEM tell YOU what they did wrong as a group.


There are many, many ways to mix this up and tailor it to your environment, but it can be done with 50-100 dollars invested and unlike a fallback video, your students will ABSORB and likely REMEMBER what they learned from the EXPERIANCE. Introduction of shoot/no shoot drills should change perspective....not fill space.


You can get a brief lecture, and drills complete with 10 or so students in about 1-1.25 hours. No problem.


I do not know of any videos...but here is what I can do for you...


I am putting together a curriculum for a course I am working on with Dino from Spartan, one of the drills I am transcribing for the instructor syllabus is a very detailed and diagrammed version of what I just described for you. I can email you a pdf. of the complete drill layout if you wish.


I think your students would love it.


What do you think?



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I would love to take you up on that offer. I agree "doing" vs "watching" in my experience has always been a better way to understand and retain a concept.


BTW I took what I think was your very first F on F course and found it very valuable. Looking forward to taking the F On F 2 at somew point down the road.



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Thay dont just watch videos! I show differant scenarios for them. They are projected on a large screen (life Size) at the back of the range. The student stand 5 foot in front of the screen. If it calls for the "bad Guy" to be shot they draw and shoot.


This far exceeds Paper Tagets. The action is moving and realistic. They must make split second decisions to shoot or not. When they do shoot, the video stops and we can see if the bullet placement is correct.


I feel that if I can show life like scenarios it will perpare the students a lot better then shooting at paper.


I had asked a simple question if any one knew of any more DVDs. I do not need some one to tell me how to train. I have been training for 30+ years. You train your way, I train my way, simple as that!

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My, My, Mr. Terry Bell...


No need to get them in a wad there Terry.


Was I meant to ascertain the complex explanation of your usage in that vague post? Mmmmmmm....Nope.


I actually made a pretty generous offer to extend some assistance, as quite frankly I have no idea what you are comfortable with.


If you had been a wee bit forthcoming with your intended use, I would have probably recommended a call to MEGGIT to see if you might purchase some civilian oriented simulation software intended for FATS... but as I can see this is a fairly sensitive subject for you, I'll just let you sort it out. LoL





I'll email that info to you directly.





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P.S. while we are on the subject of simulations, if anyone would like to lease time on a F.A.T.S. system, (instructors w students welcome) pleas email me or contact Dave Phistry of ALLCALIBERS.COM. We will give you a rate plus a certified operator for the equipment, so all you have to do is teach or drill.


All current Civ, LE, and Corrections scenarios available.





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