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Make sure NRA Creds are up to date with ISP!


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Friend and fellow instructor called to ask if I knew my instructor creds had been revoked? Did not know that! Called ISP and it was because the NRA credentials I sent them with application have an expiration date and I renewed before they expired but did not up date with ISP. Never occurred to me that they would just revoke without checking. My bad!




Edited to add: To update your instructor credentials with the ISP, email a scan of your new credentials to: ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov.

Be sure to ask for verification of receipt.

Molly B.

Edited by Molly B.
Updated email address
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I just renewed my NRA Creds in June...


On hold with ISP right now to get this resolved before it becomes an issue.

I am not currently revoked.

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You should have known - we're all on double secret probation!

What do you mean....ISP is always fair, timely and completely reasonable in everything they do...


pssst buddy - I got this bridge ...

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UN-revoked! Instructors take note, keep ISP informed of NRA Credential renewals! Also, if you have friends that are instructors and don't check out IL Carry, call them and let them know whats going on! Thats how I found out, friend let me know! Talked to Molly B and Todd V and they are on it!

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ISP = Ignorant State Police


Revoking instructors over a made up "issue" that could have been resolved with a telephone call or email.


Anyone else still believe the ISP is your friend?

bobapunk, hope you get it straightened out. Only consolation is it appears instructors I respect did not know about this either! Just don't get why they want to screw with the "good guys", seams they should be busy enough with real problems!

Simple answer, be it State or local Code compliance types. Us law abiding types are easy to find and easy to threaten encourage compliance with. Finding the real criminals breaking the law (as opposed to an arcane Administrative Code) and hurting people (not just the feelings of some {D}imwits who hate guns) is harder.

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Email question to ISP:

"I recently renewed my NRA instructor certifications. Do I need to send

you a copy"



"Yes we will need a copy of that. You can scan and submit or fax to"



Illinois State Police

Firearms Services Bureau

Concealed Carry Unit


What email address did you use for your inquiry? It seems there response was you can scan and submit, so I would think you can use the same email address.

Was it the one they use to communicate with us? The CCW_Illinois@isp.state.il.us email address?

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