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My license was in my mail today!

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Some think that the License slow down is caused by our wonderful state legislators not being able to pass a balanced budget. But apparently the "official" ISP excuse is "the printer is having problems." I, too, am waiting to be "active" so I'm hoping that the apparent slow down doesn't affect the approval process.


With the passing of every day, the back-up of printing the licenses must be getting larger by the minute. I'm wondering how long it will take them to print the back-log.

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Where did u hear that a new batch was coming out?


I think the source is reliable :laugh: If not, he might be receiving a thump upside the head from Ms B



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Applied 8/15/15 with prints

Will keep everyone posted. Hope to not get a contact email regarding my address residency, I put iv lived here my entire life. Which I lived in Wisconsin for 3 years then moved back so hope there is no issue. Didn't add because for some dumb reason I thought you had to live in the state for 5 years to have actual residency so hope I don't get knocked for that.


Just went active

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