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My license was in my mail today!

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I saw a post on this site several days ago that their printer was broken. Not sure if that was 100% verified, but it's looking to be true. I've been active since 6/2 and still no cards. But oh well, at least I'm approved. Hopefully, we'll all see our cards by next week (if not sooner).



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Just sent an inquiry via the ISP CCL page. According to their page, the 10 digit CCL# listed for me is invalid, and should be 13 digits...Not sure WTH is going on, hopefully I'll get some kind of response.

13 digits??? I thought the ccw and new FOID numbers were indeed 10 digits. Something fishy...



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I just got off the phone with Brittany @ ISP. She said there was a HUGE batch approved on June 2nd. So, it may not have even printed yet. She claims they are getting caught up and to give it another couple weeks.

After getting off the phone, I saw this email reply to my online inquiry:


This is the day the system send it down to be printed and then mailed.

Normally it take another day or so to mail. I would say give us until the

end of next week, although I see you are in Springfield, so I would guess

you should see something early next week.


Illinois State Police

Firearms Services Bureau

Concealed Carry Unit



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