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My license was in my mail today!

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So if my math is correct you were active in 36 days (7/29). correct?


Yes, 36 days counting the 24th of June. However I didn't fill out the app until almost 7 pm on the 24th so you could probably consider it 35 days.


Either way it impressed me. I really expected them to sit on apps until the 89th day for prints and 119th without prints.

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Applied 7/20/14

Status: Under review

Application Number: 92,7xx

Prints: Not submitted


I was really tempted a couple days ago to go get prints after seeing that it's only taking 30-40 days with them, but I would hate to spend $55 for prints and have it wasted if I still don't get my permit til 100 days anyway because I submitted prints after the initial application. I won't have my gun until the 16th of this month anyway, and my holster probably another month after that, so I'll just use the time to break it in and run some rounds through it.

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Applied: 7/18 with prints


Active: 8/25


Received in Mail: 8/28


As an added bonus


Applied for Utah CCW: 7/18


Per Date on my license - Date Issued was: 7/20 (Which was a Sunday. This must mean, they assign the issue date to be the date they receive the application


Post Mark on Utah CCW Envelope: 8/22


Arrived in mail: 8/26



Best of luck to everyone waiting to receive their licenses.





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