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My license was in my mail today!

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Applied / Paid: 01-29-14


Prints: Yes


Instructor: No


Application: 42xxx


Approved on 03-29-14 and never received an email from ISP


Postmarked: 03-29-14


Received in Hand: 04-02-14 and currently carrying EVERYDAY!!


Southwest Cook County


Also, have Utah card and surprisingly Illinois was much faster. State of Illinois working fast that has to be an Oxymoron.

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Not if you consider the FCCA was passed many moons ago. This ^^^^^.


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I helped a friend put his application up on Feb. 21 with prints. He got it in the mail today March 5. That is 45 days.

You mean applied jan 21 I presume?


No Feb. 21. He took the training late January. Then he went to RKA guns in Plano to get printed in the second week of Feb. Then the next week we put his application up.

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I applied 3-1, was rejected 3-18 and resubmitted my app 3-19. I was just curious and emailed the ISP and we went back and forth like this.


Me - "Does a rejection due to address not matching records reset the 90 day

period after fixed?" ISP "Yes - any changes to your application will start your time frame over."


Have any of you heard otherwise from ISP?

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