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411 from ISP on board review

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Well just over 30 days and I've been kicked to the board for review. I had a feeling this may happen due to an error made while I was arrested over 15 years ago. I was being arrested for criminal tresspass (rang a doorbell to distract parents while daughter snuck out the back door when I was 18. A downright trouble maker I was!) and Chicago had just gotten the new electronic finger printing machines. Well, the officer putting me in the system typed in the wrong code for the offense I was being arrested for apparently.... the code was for 2nd degree murder. :pinch: Well he's monkeying around trying to take it out of the system and can't figure it out. Throws me in the cell and I hear him calling other stations for help. It's clear listening to him that he couldn't fix it after making some calls. He comes over to my cell after a while and says he thinks he fixed it but if not have someone look into it. I had a lawyer for another issue a few years later and asked them to look into it. They verified it is on my arrest record but no conviction or follow up shows so the city refused to edit it due to no conviction showing. I've been figuring this would eventually surface and cause a problem for me sooner or later. I suspect this may be the case today with my application being sent to the board. If I am denied for this matter I'll be back looking for some good lawyer contacts to explore my options against the city/state. Hopefully the no follow up is good enough for the board but I guess we will see. :frantics: :frantics: :frantics:

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Wait...so he entered the ILCS code violation incorrectly (how do you confuse a misdemeanor with a heavy duty felony? Bah incompetence) and now they refuse to wipe their own screw up because it wasn't a conviction? Good God. In defense of the CPD! once the idiot plugged it into the system, they can't do much. On your end, you can petition to expunge the arrest record right now, I doubt you'll get any opposition from the CPD or ISP. It's never gonna be "gone" but if it's expunged, erm well better then nothing I guess. Don't even need an attorney to handle an expungement petition.


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