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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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Thursday is the grand opening of the relocated Naperville WM - now on 75th St. east of Rt. 59. I wonder if some of the giveaways will include 550 rd boxes of .22?


They open at 7am, they have everything in stock, I would get there very early!


On another note, I was able to find bricks of 22lr at Walmart in Romeoville today.



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Did the Naperville Walmart move 1 block or something ? They were already on 59 - I think they were across the street from the Fox Valley mall, that's not too far from 75th right?


BTW the guy who runs the sporting department has always been really cool with me, and one time when he wasn't there another associate came over and she didn't know the rules so I bought a bunch of ammo - I can't remember how much I bought but it was more than 3 boxes. :)

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