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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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Just like online gaming we should have a double post week......

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I I think think that that would would be be cheating cheating.
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Woman Gives Birth Inside Louisiana Walmart Bathroom and Dumps Baby in Trash




The little girl was born on Christmas Eve.


Gary McCarthy said that when he was growing up, the three biggest problems were gangs, guns, and drugs, and today the three biggest problems are gangs, guns and drugs. When he was speaking at St.Sabina's he said "How much have we failed as a society to address this?"


McCarthy then said that the problem is "Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers across this country, that are killing our black and brown children"


I think the problem is way more complicated than "guns"

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2 charged in connection with exchange of gunfire at SC Walmart









I think its interesting that South Carolina has a law "possession of a firearm during a violent crime"





( A ) If a person is in possession of a firearm or visibly displays what appears to be a firearm or visibly displays a knife during the commission of a violent crime and is convicted of committing or attempting to commit a violent crime as defined in Section 16-1-60, he must be imprisoned five years, in addition to the punishment provided for the principal crime. This five-year sentence does not apply in cases where the death penalty or a life sentence without parole is imposed for the violent crime.
( B ) Service of the five-year sentence is mandatory unless a longer mandatory minimum term of imprisonment is provided by law for the violent crime. The court may impose this mandatory five-year sentence to run consecutively or concurrently.
( C ) Except as provided in this subsection, the person sentenced under this section is not eligible during this five-year period for parole, work release, or extended work release. The five years may not be suspended and the person may not complete his term of imprisonment in less than five years pursuant to good-time credits or work credits, but may earn credits during this period.
South Carolina is a state that is serious about holding the people who commit violence with a weapon responsible for their crimes. In contrast, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus killed a proposal by Representative Michael J. Zalewski to impose a 3 year sentence, lower the sentence credit to 4.5 days of sentence credit for each month for felon weapons offenders and put a limit on the total sentence credit for felon weapons offenders to 180 days maximum credit.


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UPDATE: Chattanooga police are investigating a report of a person shot in the WalMart parking lot off Brainerd Road at Eastgate Town Center.






The York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office is investigating after shots were fired among two groups of people outside the Williamsburg Walmart Thursday night.







TUPELO – The Tupelo Police Department is searching for six suspects in connection with a Monday night shooting in a Walmart parking lot.






Man arrested after carrying gun and ammo into Spartanburg Walmart





Two Men Arrested After Wal-Mart Shootout on Christmas Eve






Man robs Walmart, Shaw's, claiming to have firearm



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