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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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I came down with the dreaded swine flu in 2009 and I took Tamiflu for it and got through it with mild symptoms that lasted about 10 days. But normally I only do 4 things when I have a cold or the flu.


1) Soup

2) Tea

3) Aspirin

4) Whiskey


Not all at once, and I drink the whiskey before going to bed, 4 or 5 shots.

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I find hot tea, honey and brandy can work wonders when you have flu like symptoms.


As a matter of fact, they work wonders when it is really cold out and you catch a chill and even if you don't catch a chill


I suspect the whole day would go better if i started out with a brandy, hot tea and honey.


I could put ice in it in the summer and i bet that would work just as well


You know, if i was in a hurry, i could just down a couple of shots of brandy, put the tea and the honey in a to go cup which would really increase efficiency


(Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Mr. Fife, it tolls for thee. I am still awake and watching the thread count carefully)

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5 shots of whiskey as the nightime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine?


I think the major benefit to that is just not caring. :Drunk emoticon:

It's probably better than trying to overdose on Ducolax.


For sure. Some parts of life are best suffered in a state of comatose.

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I've been in Walmart and really wanted to take a picture but I'm always carrying and I'm afraid that I'll get caught taking a picture and that person will get angry and demand I hand over my phone or something, and then I've got a confrontation and I'm carrying :(


But I've seen some doozies at my local Walmart. Not the worst that humanity has to offer but certainly the strangest.

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Well...I am not sure if it counts as a fun tradition but..I usually spend the day putting together engagement letters and invoices for tax returns.....and start my email with "there are two things that are inevitable.....if you are reading this..you made it to 2015....so the other certainty is 2014 taxes" nothing like starting the year with news to brighten a person's mood....

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Not to stray off topic, but could anyone recommend an "EDC" type pocket sized camera in the 20 megapixel range, that would be available for purchase at Walmart?

At least in my recent experience the camera in the iPhone 6Plus is good enough that if it doesn't do the job I borrow my brother's Nikon D3 which he uses for medical stuff...and that is insane....check out the new phones. The phone is around 8 megapixels...I don't even know the specs on the camera but it is mind blowing.

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