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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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I was in Walmart in Springfield yesterday. I looked at the 40 Cal Winchester white box had dropped from $37-$32 for the 100 round value pack. The 50 round boxes had dropped from $23-$20. I talked with the ammo guy and he said oh you just wait, I can't say anything right now, but you just wait. You're going to be happy
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Damn. I thought you had spotted .22s


I got some .22s last week from the china mart in Rantoul. They only let me have three boxes. But my wife also got her boxes.

Then got some at Dicks Sporting Goods.

sent from my electronic carrier pigeon

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Ohio Wal-Mart Where Cops Shot Black Man Pulls Pellet Guns from Shelves

The Ohio Wal-Mart where a young black man was shot and killed by police while holding a pellet gun is no longer selling the specific assault rifle-style model the man was holding and has taken all the air-powered guns off its shelves.


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Police arrest man charged in Walmart gun incident


SWAT officers on Wednesday arrested a man charged with pointing handguns at store employees during a July confrontation at a Walmart Super
Center, 3700 E. Interstate 40 Amarillo police said.


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Man charged in 3 Kalamazoo armed robberies is suspect in holdups in Portage, Grand Rapids, Holland


KALAMAZOO, MI – Prosecutors have authorized felony charges against man who police say is suspected of wielding a knife in a string of armed robberies in West Michigan, including three last month in the Kalamazoo area.

Dwight E. Hill, 42, of Kalamazoo, was charged Friday with three counts of armed robbery in a warrant authorized by the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor's Office.

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Holland cabbie goes 'off-roading' in chase of man who held gun to his head


HOLLAND, MI -- Holland cab driver Benjamin Mendoza clearly was angry after he said a robber put a gun to his head.


So when the thief jumped out of the cab with a $17 take, Mendoza made a quick decision.


"I was thinking about how to capture him," he said in a Holland courtroom Thursday, Oct. 2.


"I threw the cab in reverse and chased him around the parking lot," he said.


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A Walmart Security Guard Shot a Man in East Nashville for Stealing Beer


We repeat. A Walmart security guard shot a man who was trying to steal beer in East Nashville last night.

WSMV reports that, according to police:

The man allegedly went into the Walmart at 1220 Gallatin Ave. around midnight, grabbed the beer and ran to his car.

That's when the security guard chased after him, firing a shot into the car, which struck the man in the back.

The station adds that the man was taken to the hospital in serious condition but with non-life-threatening injuries. Also: "Police are investigating whether the security guard was justified in using his weapon."

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Judge: Man who attacked with hatchet in Marshall Wal-Mart insane


MARSHALL — The man accused of attacking three people with a hatchet in Wal-Mart was found not guilty by reason of insanity Thursday afternoon.


Christopher Lyn Hamilton, 28, will be moved to a secure mental health facility, where he will remain for a year.


Officials said he will be evaluated after a year to determine whether he needs to remain there or move to a less restrictive facility.


In a short bench trial in the 71st District Court, Hamilton was found not guilty in the December attack that left two local Wal-Mart employees and a customer injured. He was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


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