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Gun Grabber meeting in Rockford tonight!


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They held the meeting in the atrium / entryway of the YWCA (why not in a large room for basketball etc who knows). When I arrived at 6:15, there were three guys acting as bouncers and not letting anyone in. They said they were "full" and at capacity, even though you could see empty chairs. There was a crowd outside of 2A people and one or two anti's, though both groups were polite and chatty and complained about not being let in. Supposedly the media had already came and went once.


After waiting about 30-45 minutes, someone walked out, and crowd nominated me to go in since I drove the farthest.


The speakers were a local SA, a local judge, a law professor, and a guy from ICHV. Overall like dodgeboy said it was a very fair and balanced presentation, mostly fact based, with the SA waxing eloquent on some quotes from the founders and history for a few minutes at one point. The law professor was first and the longest, and walked through the law point by point. I got the impression he might be an anti, but to his credit, his presentation was completely fact based, and he did a fine job overall. The SA was clearly a proponent of CCW, though he was also fair, bringing up both supporting statistical studies, and non-supporting statistical studies in his speech. The judge asked several questions to the other three which to me it seemed he should already know, so I think they were rhetorical for the sake of presentation. The guy from ICHV didn't have much to say. He clearly had his tail between his legs.


I think the crowd was mostly pro-2A people. At least a half dozen NRA hats including myself, and I saw a few igold shirts too, among other 2A clothing.


The news people showed up again very briefly at the end, and interviewed a few people.

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The three guys at the door had a negative attitude. They didn't apologize at all.


An older gentleman accidentally left his headlights on. I heard the guys at the door wouldn't even let a lady in to tell him, even though the car was parked in front right by the door and they could clearly see the lights on.


I ended up giving him a jump afterwards.

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