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C&R Curio & Relic License Walkthrough


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No, just me.


Disclaimer: my buddy has a C&R but I've only thought about it.


Looking at the ATF site, I'd say it's not needed


"applications must be accompanied by a signed Certification of Compliance (ATF F 5330.20) for each additional Responsible Person (RP) on the license, if applicable"


Heres another link on getting a C&R license http://russian-mosin-nagant-forum.com/information/CandR/index.html

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I followed this guide:



I did not submit a Form 5330.20




I would also suggest that the copy sent to your local CLEO (police chief/superintendent in an incorporated town, county sheriff if unincorporated) include a brief note explaining the submission, I used this form





(Your Name)

(Your Address)

(Your Phone Number)


(CLEO's Name)

(CLEO's Mailing Address)


Dear Chief (CLEO's last name):


Enclosed please find, as per federal regulation, a copy of my ATF Form 7CR. You are not required to take any action with respect to the enclosed form. If I can be of any service, or if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address above.




(Your Signature)


(Your Name)

Found here: http://thefiringline...22&postcount=21


I also put "ATTN: C&R FFL Application" on the envelope, I know some local chiefs just put those directly in the circular file so that way you don't waste any more of their time than needed

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When I applied for my first 03 I had a police chief that wasn't overly bright or energenic; ended up being fired for pretty much doing nothing. I just mailed to him because I didnt care to have a conversation with him, one he sent back with a note that it was OK. My police chief now is a really good guy, likes guns and I enjoy talking with him. The last renewall I took to him personally and he congratulated me on doing this. Either way is acceptable. Jim.
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Hand delivered to CLEO this morning. The nice deputy working the counter didn't seem to know what the heck I was talking about.


Do I need to enter the two firearms I have that are on the C&R list into my "bound book" when the license comes? My understanding is that future purchases, through the C&R or not, of C&R firearms MUST be entered, but do I have to enter those purchased before I obtained the C&R?


Is there a storage requirement like for a normal FFL? (yes there are many classes, I mean whatever class lets you do transfers and whatnot)

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