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Update 5/30 9:00pm


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The senate has adjourned for the night.


We are awaiting an amendment on a carry bill. Lots of rumors surrounding what is in and what is out.


Rumor is that the bill will go through the senate first.


With the senate adjourned, the mag ban SB1002 is impossible to pass into law as the bill requires three days in the house,there is only one left.


We may still see a lost or stolen type bill such as SB841 but again it needs 3 days to pass the house on all 3 readings. This assumes they don't tack it onto a houseboll and try to kick them, back on concurance.


Still here the capitol, hanging in here, the house has now adjourned also


More later

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Thanks Todd, by the way how is the weather? Looks like you have another line coming.


First line weakened on the east side, hit western Springfield/Chatham areas. Next line if it makes it will be just a rain event. That first line took all the charge out of the atmosphere.


Weather is a huge passion of mine, only reason I chimed in.


Tomorrow is a whole different scenario though, if it plays out as currently forecasted a tornado warning or two is not out of the question here.


Apologies to everyone else for straying a bit

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Thanks for the update Todd. Quick question...why would the mag ban or lost and stolen need 3 days, but a new carry bill would not? Couldn't they use the same procedure?


As I understand it, the mag ban that is active is a senate bill, SB1002. So it would be passed by the senate, then delivered to the house for passage, defeat or amendment. According to the legislative rules, a bill must move from one chamber to the other, be in the second chamber for 3 days before it can be acted on. They could take a house bill that has already been passed to the senate, amend it, then send it back to the house for concurrence. That's what both carry bills are right now. HB183 in the Senate and SB2193 in teh House. Lots of complicated and intricate rules and procedures in our legislature. all for a purpose.


Todd or someone will correct me if I'm wrong.



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