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Chicago Pays


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I can't find it now but I had heard the judge fixed the amount because he felt the city jacked the plaintiff and the court around on purpose in order to jack up the plaintiff's legal bills.


Can Federal Farmer confirm that?


I have not heard anythign about that. I think though, that this is SAF alone and that our lawyers got a separate check, but I also don't have hard data on that. If that is the sum total it strikes me as too low.


That said, this is chump change for the City compared to what it pays out when your average honor student walking home from choir practice at 3am is shot by CPD.


My only regret is that Daley wasn't forced to sign it. I bet that'd stick in his craw.

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A giant poster of that check in the PCC lobby for IGOLD where all attendees could see it. Imagine a video crew capturing that

it and putting the image of that check on the evening news for a few seconds along with a story.


I know IGOLD doesn't exist as far as Chi news hounds/politicians are concerned, but just the thought of it . . .


That check would even look good on a T shirt and be a good conversation starter.

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Ultimately, its not coming out of Daley's of Emanuel's pocket. It should be signed "The People of Chicago" since they are the ones who are actually footing the bill. If it was drawn on Daley's or Emanuel's personal checking account I would be much happier.


Until politicians are held personally accountable for their actions (to include directed actions) that are ruled to be Unconstitutional, a judgement means virtually nothing. It does not hurt the official who is at fault one bit. Besides, if it did actually hurt the city finacially, guess what the City's response is? Yup, thats right, the old stand by of "raise taxes".

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IIRC the total bill for Chicago came to $1,600,000.00.


Now if we could get copies of the checks to NRA & ISRA and a thank you note for your generous donation from all 3 on BIG signs that the media can display would be great.



signed Allan Gottlieb



How about shirts printed that way. :)

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