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READ THIS BEFORE POSTING NEW TOPIC: National Politics v. Back Room


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Please note a new change in forum policy regarding "National Politics." In order to help keep the forum focused on its primary objective - advancing the Second Amendment in the United States and gaining legal recognition of the right-to-carry in Illinois, topics in "National Politics" should be dedicated to subject matter directly related to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Discussion of other current events and national topics should take place in the Back Room.


The "National Politics" guidelines in the sticky thread titled "New Forum" have been adjusted to reflect this.


This decision is not the result of any particular individual or any breaches in the forum rules; it simply reflects the fact that the way "National Politics" was organized previously was inefficient and needlessly distracting.

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Would it be possible or agreeable to rename "National Politics" to something like "National Firearm Politics"? or "National Second Amendment Politics" Same for the state level?


Maybe add to the "Backroom" - something like "Backroom:General Politics"


Just throwing ideas out there.

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