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Rules and Code of Conduct


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Rules and Code of Conduct



Mission Statement:

The IllinoisCarry.com forums were established to protect and advance the right to bear arms in Illinois. Simply put, our over-arching belief is that the right of law-abiding people to own and carry arms for lawful purposes shall not be infringed or diminished. This site is provided as a service to the firearms community. It is intended as a meeting place to educate visitors and members about the constitutional right to keep and bear arms and the legislative process on a state and national level; a place to offer educational opportunities in responsible firearm ownership, safety, and proficiency; a place to congregate and exchange ideas and information on Second Amendment related issues.


Introduction and Context:

Listed below are Rules of Conduct that must be followed by individuals who post on this website. Note that the vast majority of members adhere to these rules intuitively, by virtue of common sense.


Please remember that this website may be (and is) viewed by those who do not support the Second Amendment and would like to see it diminished or destroyed. Moreover, it is viewed by those who do not know where they stand on the issue. Material posted on this website reflects not only the original author, but every other member and gun owner in Illinois. Thus, if you are uncertain about how a post might be understood, interpreted, or construed, please stop and consider the ramifications your words might have on our cause. Remember that they may be read by members of the ISP, BATFE, FBI, CAGE, Brady Campaign, ICHV, VPC, Chicago and Cook County officials, the IL General Assembly, or the US Congress, etc..


Although we ask that posters try to communicate clearly, posts sometimes do not reflect the complete thoughts of an author concerning the particular subject. Don't read into them too deeply and take offense during a debate. If you find something offensive, ask for clarification and do not presume intent as you perceive it. The benefit of the doubt goes a long way in this mode of communication.


Restraint and reservation in interpersonal communication are the hallmarks of a polite society. This is similar to the restraint and reservation that accompanies responsible and lawful bearing of arms. Likewise, the display of such is about being civil, and not about being “politically correct.” Please don't confuse this issue, and do your best to maintain the peace by demonstrating common courtesy.


Site Rules and Codes of Conduct:

1. Advocating or promoting illegal activity is not allowed.


2. Threats of violence are forbidden. These include remarks about specific individuals or general comments. It also includes abstract statements wishing harm upon individuals or groups, or statements expressing joy at someone’s harm or demise. Even when made in jest, comments of this nature are unacceptable.


3. Personal attacks and “flaming” other members is forbidden. This includes disrespect, antagonism, baiting, name-calling and a host of other demeaning attributes. Spirited debate is encouraged and can occur without name-calling or slander. We acknowledge that disagreements are common among groups of diverse people who value individual rights, but ask that interactions remain civil. If you decide to engage in uncivil communication, pursue such matters off the board.


4. Posts that blatantly reinforce negative stereotypes about gun owners are forbidden. This includes racist or misogynistic remarks, comments advocating overthrow of the government, disrespectful descriptions of law enforcement officers, and any other offensive, off-topic statements. Racist, sexual, or religious bigotry will not be tolerated. If you suspect that something might be so construed, it probably will be.


5. No pornography, hard, soft or otherwise. If you think something is questionable, it probably is. Links to adult/pornographic sites are not permitted at any time, regardless of link content. Language and content must be kept to a “PG-13” level.


6. Attempts to hack or harm this site, and/or stalk, harass, or harm a user will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Situations not handled internally will be referred to and pursued by the appropriate law enforcement agency.


7. Posting another member's personal information, private messages, or private emails will be cause for immediate and permanent suspension. The only case in which such information might be allowed is when it is deemed absolutely necessary to protect members or the public from harm, as in the case of illegal activity.


8. Posts must be made in the appropriate forums. Each forum has a brief description of its scope and purpose. Please be cognizant of these when posting. Furthermore, please endeavor to keep individual threads on topic. Specific subjects are obviously prone to evolving over the course of discussion, but replies should be relevant to the essence of the original topic.


9. Minor promotion of a known user's business is allowed so long as it is tasteful, occasional and not overbearing. “Shilling” (pretending to be someone else while promoting your own products) or “spamming” will result in immediate and permanent revocation of your access privileges.


10. Use of the IllinoisCarry name and/or logos and/or other Trademarks or Copyrighted material in conjunction with any fund raising event, meeting, convention or otherwise must be approved by the Administration.


11. Moderators in their respective forums may allow established users certain leverage and license. Such users enjoy the self-restrained freedoms that come with familiarity. New users are advised to conduct themselves conservatively until they have been here a while and such relationships have developed.


12. If a member takes up more time in needing moderated, being unpleasant, or challenging the code of conduct than what they contribute to the site, their posting privileges will be terminated. There is far too much to do for the cause than having to spend valuable time teaching someone how to be civil.


Please inquire with a moderator, via private message, if you do not understand any of these rules. Members who fail to follow them will not be welcome to continue posting. By registering and posting on this site, you are assumed to understand and abide these Rules of Conduct. Violation in word or spirit may result in the loss of your privilege to use this site. Moderators reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.


Thank you to Subguns for allowing us to borrow part of their rules of conduct.



If you wish to discuss these rule and codes please do so here:



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