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How a Bill Becomes a Law


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This will be a work in progress, but here's a link to a flow chart for the progress of a bill through the Legislature:

How a Bill Becomes Law


Here's another link to some Q and A and a simplified flow chart:


House Dem Chart


One correction to be made, on the House Dem Q and A, the last Q/A states:


" 9. New Law: The bill becomes law when the Governor signs it. If a bill is vetoed, it can become law if both chambers of the General Assembly vote by two-third majorities to override the Governor¹s veto."


As far as I can determine, that is incorrect. The Constitution states that 3/5 (60%) of each house must concur to override the veto. IL Constitution, Article 4, Section 9, paragraph ©.


If anyone knows differently, please let me know ASAP.

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