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Exploits at the range.


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Found the answer...for those who are interested. For those who aren't, well go back to doing what you was doing, before you decide to do some like click on this post! :D


...don't ask me why, but I'm full of it tonight!




Too Little Trigger Finger means:


Too little trigger finger is when you don't squeeze the trigger straight back because you have your finger contacting the trigger slightly to the right front [for a right handed shooter] instead of parallel to the trigger face. The result is a slight increase in the pressure you apply to the right side of the trigger, pushing the frame slightly left.

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Asked an expert your question Superman and this is what he said:




Hi, Kent --


Since they can't dig their feet in and "get their whole body into it," I show wheelchair-bound students the advantages of the Classic Weaver position from the waist up. With both elbows bent and the isometric push-pull absorbing recoil between gun and torso, it's the one stance that allows effective performance wi th the shoulders back, which is the situation for the wheelchair bound.




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