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Photos and Video from SAFR


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UPDATE: Heard from Big Chris - he said "the place holds 2,000 and its full" thats a very good sign!!!


Just got emailed a pair of photos from SAFR from Big Chris:



here is a general shot of the event:





here is one of Valinda Rowe speaking:



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The CPD was there but they seemed to be just listening to all the speakers just like us. It was a very well behaved crowd. The same type of crowd that was at IGOLD earlier this year. It was fun to be across the street from Daley's office holding a rally. If he was in his office all he had to do is look out his window to see us, but I would think like the State Reps he fled the office. I am sure he is at his Michigan home today. B)
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Tony Peraica









Plaintiffs going against the City of Chicago. These are HEROES!!!




Me and Dr. Hupp


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here's a few of mine.


it was great to meet a couple illinoiscarry.com people!











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I'm also curious to know if there were any protesters present.


I didn't see a single one, but at some point, I thought I heard someone shout out something "anti" as they quickly disappeared into the Thopson center. Some heads turned for a second....nothing more than a miniscule distraction.


that was about it from where I was standing.....

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My best guess, and it's just a guess, is that there were between 500-900 at any given time. It was really hard to get an exact head count. And you'd probably have to subtract 50, or so, for press and police officers.


Any one else do better job on that number?



I think 500-900 is about right. The police were supportive of our cause. I was talking to one CPD officer when some lady walking by asked if al the "gun nuts" scared him. He looked at her and told he these people were all law-abiding citizens and he was very comfortable with them.


I gave one of the female bike officers a tongue depressor and she told me they were there more in case counter protesters showed up. None did.

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I've got a message from Suzanna Hupp for us !






Sorry Slappy. Your going to go nuts over this.......








She says Keep up the fight!






I might add she was hesitant at first about signing, She asked if it was a state flag and did not want to be insulting to illinois.



Ash Dump positively brilliant coming up with the tongue depressor idea. Suzanna even used it in her speech! Kudos Dude!




The am marshall meeting, It was ugly with no cookies to calm the troops.




The row of media. But the NRA photographer got front row privileges... The marshals were warned to keep people away from him as he has a reputation as being a bit feisty. Perhaps he was a combat photographer in the past?



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I like this one, Lil Valindia with Mayor Dailys throne in the back ground. (City Hall)


Note the mother in the foreground with a cute little kid




All colors , races, and sexual preferences were represented




Speaker from the NRA, But I loved the poster in the back ground.



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Blogger Paul Hubel from the crime file news. on the right. He was kind enough to promote us on his site. He's retired CPD, and decided to fly in to attend the rally. In talking to him today, He was involved in lobbying Arizona for CCW passage. He's been introduced to Val and perhaps we will get some help in the future.




Suzanna was great.



The Marshal's in town.




Fee Fi Fo Fum. But I like the expression of the gentleman on the left.



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Wow the WGN truck!

Ah, er, Ignore the shy woman on the right! B)




Otis talks to the ISRA. Thats Mr Otis McDonald.




As Otis attended the rally today, I can now come out and say, Otis and I rode in the front of the bus together.......

He and I sat and yapped all the way home this spring from I-Gold. He's truly a nice guy. It was great seeing him again.




For Slappy, Proof its not a photoshop.

Ps: it tickles when she signs



I hope that wedding went thru, you missed a great day.





Hey did anyone see C-rock?

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