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Found 2 results

  1. New here to this awesome forum. I've been reading a lot of stories on here. I'm hoping someone can nudge me in the right direction here. I was denied a FOID card because of a felony burglary conviction. It's from 1994 (over 20 years), when I was 17 years old (charged as an adult). I appealed to the ISP but was informed that because it was considered a "forcible felony", I would have to petition the circuit court in my jurisdiction (Will County) for a hearing. I've been searching, but cannot find out how to start this process myself. Do I just walk into the clerks office and say I want to file a petition for hearing to restore my firearm rights? I know clerks can't offer legal advice, and therefore aren't very helpful when it comes to providing information. I'm really hoping to be able to do this without an attorney. We are moving out of state soon, and it will be a stretch to afford both the move and hiring an attorney for this. But I would like to obtain my FOID prior to moving in hopes that it will make the process of being licensed in my new state will be that much easier. I have already contacted the Parole Board in Georgia (where we are moving to) about having my gun rights restored there, and I am hopeful that even without obtaining a FOID here, I will be able to obtain one in GA. Can anybody help me as to where to begin? If any other information would be helpful, I can provide it. Just let me know. Thanks!
  2. I am going through the appeal process right now for my FOID renewal. I had a question about gun and ammo purchases after you have received your FOID card. There is obviously a background check run when you go to purchase arms or ammunition. When you win an appeal because of a Felony conviction that occurred over 25 years ago, do you still select "Yes" for having to have been convicted of a Felony in the past? If so, won't you be denied a firearm purchase as a result? What's the firearm buying process after winning an Appeal? Thanks!
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