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Found 24 results

  1. Hello All, I'm relocating from Texas to Chicago and own a Glock 17. I'd like to bring it with me, but I'm unsure about the legalities and logistics. If it's not feasible to do this legally, I might just sell it here and navigate the gun ownership process in Illinois instead. I'm relatively new to gun ownership and don't fully grasp the laws governing the interstate transport of firearms. Could anyone who has made a similar move share their experiences? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Well, ISP is taking it right up to the 30-day deadline for my FOID application (new, not a renewal). That got me wondering -- what happens if they go another four days without taking action? Is there relief available? Has anyone experienced this and taken them to court or applied for other relief?
  3. Good Evening, I know that this has been covered a lot of times on this forum, however I just want to make sure that i'm covering all bases before going down the road of an appeal. I'm new here, so please go easy on me if i'm repeating any questions you have answered before. I won't go into too much detail to bore everyone, but I surrendered my FOID card almost three years ago due to a voluntary psychiatric check in (drunk Saturday and ended up getting put in a psychiatric ward for the weekend). Had there been a doctor on call on the weekend I would have been released sooner, but I was back home on the Tuesday. I can ofcourse go into more detail if needed to aid with the appeal process on here. No previous history of any mental issues and none since. Honestly, it was a silly mistake and I had no idea that a psychiatric warn check in was even a possibility. My question is that I have seen lots of appeal posts similar to this, but I wanted to be sure before I go down the path of an appeal that I have it correct. Again, please forgive me for posting this again as I know this has been covered numerous times on the forums. I have noticed that Molly seems to be the go to on this, so if Molly can PM me with ANY help on this, that would be much appreciated. In terms of the forms that need to be completed, I am hoping my questions below make sense. Request For FOID Appeal Form- When I fill out the form to describe my appeal, should I consult with an attorney first, or just complete the form explaining the situation my self? When describing the reason for my appeal, is there anything I should note that legally assists with my appeal. Does anyone have experience with a successful appeal in a similar situation who can assist with content for this? I noted that a "Psychiatrist or Licensed Clinical Psychologist’s Evaluation or Letter Requirement" is required. Does anyone recommend a Psychiatrist to see who specializes in these sorts of cases in the Chicagoland area? Please PM me any Psychiatrists that you have worked with in the past and maybe an example of your case so I know who to go and see. The waiver investigation form seems straightforward enough. Sign and date and ensure the case is seen to within the year. As mentioned, I have no previous history of mental issues so I have never seen a Dr before or been on medication. So the psychiatric records would only be when I was checked into the hospital? Do I go to the hospital to get those records? I assume I include my discharge information? Please let me know if i'm forgetting anything, but ANY help on this would be much appreciated folks. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, I am 20 years old and I have completed deferred adjudication regarding a Poss. of marijuana and Paraphernalia charge I picked up in Texas. The disposition of the charges is "dismissed". I plan to attempt to get this expunged anyways, but... 1) If I submitted an FOID application right now, do you think I would be denied, since I was never officially convicted? 2) If I am denied, once I turn 21, since the charges will then be irrelevant (since they're only misdemeanors, and the under 21 with a misdemeanor stipulation won't apply anymore),could I then just submit a new application, or would I have to go through the appeals process? Hopefully I could just submit another application. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to answer by looking online. I am moving to California for a year and will be leaving my firearms with family members (who have valid FOIDs). Obviously, I won't be able to take certain firearms to California and wish to keep them in Illinois. Does my FOID become invalid if I live outside of Illinois for around a year? Do I have to notify someone about the residency change? Is it possible to keep my FOID valid when I am away for that period? Can I store them with family members who possess a FOID? Thanks in advance!
  6. So Backstory. My CCL went active today 5/13/19 (Applied Jan 10. 2019, No Prints so 123 days in case anyone is waiting and trying to judge their wait time) I've had my FOID for about 6 years and the one I still have in hand is the older one with the drawing of the state and the light reflective colorful eagle on the bottom right corner. That FOID number doesn't match with the one on the ISP login. It's a new number, and it changed not after I was approved, but after I went Active. It's a significantly longer number and it matches my new CCL number. Does this mean that I can't buy new firearms, ammo, go to a range, or bring a weapon outside my home even if it is cased an unloaded, until the new CCL comes in? (Sure maybe go to a range since they don't seem to check anything online, but say for whatever reason I got involved in a car accident or something similar and the police see firearms and ask for a FOID card) Will they send me a replacement FOID when I get the new CCL and if not can I use the CCL as a FOID, or do I need to replace/renew it myself? I will also be leaving the state to visit Tennessee, with family members who have valid FOID cards, and even if the CCL is also sent with a new FOID, I will probably not be home at the time of delivery. I know Illinois is one of the only states to have FOIDs or something similar, but do other states expect you to bring yours from your home state if you're visiting? I know Tennessee honors Illinois CCL permits, but does anyone know if Tennessee CCL holders must have the license present on their person while carrying? I'm wondering that in the event that Tennessee CCL holders need not carry their permit on them while carrying a firearm, would they extent that same rule to Illinois CCL holders visiting the state?
  7. I was wondering would I be able to go into a gun shop with my mom and purchase a handgun at 17 with my FOID card and with my mom who is my sponser for my FOID? Would it be acceptable since im with my parent who co-signed for my FOID, but doesnt have a FOID for herself? Or would my mom also have to apply for her own FOID card for me to acquire a handgun with her? I know you have to be 21+ to purchase a handgun, but it that also for FOID card holders at 17/18 years of age?
  8. Ive applied for my FOID card a while ago but got denied twice 2x for Failure to sign/notarize Guardian Sponsorship Affadavit. As I am underaged and would need my moms permission/ signature on an pdf form for the online application. On the online form though, my mom has signed her printed name, signature, date, and application number on the opened tabs for the pdf. But I keep getting denied for that exact reason, ive been trying to reach ISPFSB through the phone with no success, what should I do? Below is the signed pdf
  9. My girlfriend's mother came over yesterday with her FOID. On the card, it shows that it expires in 2022, but she received a letter from ISP saying she needs to renew by March this year. She's tried to call ISP, but couldn't get a human on the phone. Does anyone know why they would be telling her to renew early? Would have anything to do with them giving out new FOIDs to people who renew their CCL? Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, do we have to renew an expiring FOID card if we already have a valid CCL which doesn't expire for years?
  11. Recently I discovered my foid card lost but still have my ccl. I panicked and went online to try to report it lost but then I stopped entering information and went to look for it and forgot i was logged in then came back and it logged me out and when i tried re-logging back in it said under foid incomplete and no longer it said actice.but my ccl still shows active. Why is this? And by the way no luck finding my foid card. What should i do? Can i carry without a foid? Will i have to pay for a ccl replacement because of my foid being lost? Help plz
  12. I was just curious a while a go (1.5 months ago) I posted about what I needed to send to the ISP for foid card appeal. I sent in both the mental assessment for >5 years ago and the appeal and liability and investigation forms. I called the ISP and they said it was "under review". I went to log in and check my application that is under review and it doesn't reflect it when I logiin only shows denied? My onlu other question is how long do they review it. Is it one of those things you have to be patient with and sit this one out. Just curious
  13. A little info on my situation: When I was 21 I got drunk one night and my sister called the cops and I went to the hospital to detox and I told the Dr I was going to hurt myself. I went through a lot of hard times especially after my mom committed suicide. (She jumped in front of truck on a highway while I was walking alongside her). Well fast forward to now 4/5/18 I applied for FOID on line through the IL State Police site and I was denied for "voluntary mental health admission" in 10/3/2011 . I got a degree in criminology and I'm looking to work in law enforcement so a FOID card is needed. I went to my doctor that is certified in IL and he mailed in the mental health certification to the ISP address. I mailed the FOID appeals and liability and investigation docs to ISP. I checked online and it still states "denied" Now my question is it's been 6.5 years or so do I also need a letter from a psychiatrist and all those notarized letters outlined in the mental health guideline sheet or is all that paperwork only required for <5 years ago for mental health admission? Sorry if this question has been asked already. I have called the ISP and I can never get through.
  14. New here to this awesome forum. I've been reading a lot of stories on here. I'm hoping someone can nudge me in the right direction here. I was denied a FOID card because of a felony burglary conviction. It's from 1994 (over 20 years), when I was 17 years old (charged as an adult). I appealed to the ISP but was informed that because it was considered a "forcible felony", I would have to petition the circuit court in my jurisdiction (Will County) for a hearing. I've been searching, but cannot find out how to start this process myself. Do I just walk into the clerks office and say I want to file a petition for hearing to restore my firearm rights? I know clerks can't offer legal advice, and therefore aren't very helpful when it comes to providing information. I'm really hoping to be able to do this without an attorney. We are moving out of state soon, and it will be a stretch to afford both the move and hiring an attorney for this. But I would like to obtain my FOID prior to moving in hopes that it will make the process of being licensed in my new state will be that much easier. I have already contacted the Parole Board in Georgia (where we are moving to) about having my gun rights restored there, and I am hopeful that even without obtaining a FOID here, I will be able to obtain one in GA. Can anybody help me as to where to begin? If any other information would be helpful, I can provide it. Just let me know. Thanks!
  15. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. However, I have been reading posts off and on here for sometime. I decided to finally make an account. I just applied for my FOID card 3 days ago on my 21st birthday. It appears that they processed my payment either sometime yesterday or sometime today as I now have an application number in addition to a FOID number when I log into their site. Hopefully this is a signal of the FOID process moving along in a timely fashion. I did notice some few strange things when checking up on my application today. Now that they issued me an application number after processing my payment, I have been able to click links to edit my name, address, etc. I noticed that when I clicked on my name, the ISP has added a Maiden Name which is listed as my current name. I am a male, and this is my "original" last name that I've had since birth. I definitely didn't type anything into this field when I applied. So I went ahead and removed it and a message came up saying the submitted date on my application has changed to the current date of when I changed this information. I was wondering if any of you experienced anything like this? I also clicked the link for my address (which was correct) and I noticed it was asking for the past 10 years of residencies. I went ahead and filled out my last few addresses that made up more than 10 years and the same message came up on my screen. I hope this doesn't reset the 30 day period of waiting. If it did, it's not too big of a deal as I only applied 3 days ago but any delay still isn't preferred. Also, does anyone have an idea of what the current wait times might be? I previously lived in a state that didn't have any sort of firearm permit so this is slightly new to me as someone who will be a firearm owner for the first time. I would appreciate some input. Thanks!
  16. I need help with the medical appeal process. This was the first time i applied for the card i live near Oswego area and my FOID was deined due to Medical reasoning....I was admitted to a facility because i was dumb and stupid 7 years ago and didn't know what i was doing there hasn't been anything else on my records no arrest no charges....what should i be doing to get my rights restored, any of f you know a physician, clinical psycologist, or a qualified examiner Below is the letter i recieved "Your application for a firearm owner's identification (FOID) card has been denied. You are prohibited from firearms for reasons listed below and pursuant to: 430 ILCS 65/8 (U) - A person who has had his or her FOID card revoked or denied under subsection (e) of 430 ILCS 65/8 or item (iv) of section 4 of the FOID act because he or she was a patient in a mental health facility, shall not be premitted to obtain FOID, after the 5 year period has lapsed, unless he or she has recieved a mental health evaluation by physician, clinical psycologist, or a qualified examiner and has recieved a certification that he or she is not a clear and present danger to himself, herself and others MENTAL HEALTH ADMISSIONS OVER 5 YEARS 5/19/2010 DUPAGE COUNTY, IL for additional infomation please call ........."
  17. New user here! Apologies if I format incorrectly Got denied for my FOID because "Submitted address information does not match Illinois Drivers License/ID Card Information" So the last ten years I've moved quite a bit, never out of state or even out of Chicago. Just had different apartments with roommates. The reason says the address didn't match my ID/DL, in which I've only had three "legal" addresses in that regard. I just resubmitted with only those three. Does anyone have any experience on this matter?
  18. Can a minor (16) be in sole possession of ammunition if that minor is also in possession of his or her own FOID card? For example... A minor child borrows a parent's car (with no parent or guardian present).The child gets stopped & searched.The LEO discovers a loaded spare magazine in the glove box (no firearm, just a loaded magazine). Is that an offense?
  19. We had recently bought a second home in April and officially moved in in June. While going through all of the bank/bills/credit cards/insurance address changes, i realized that my wife had not done an address change on her FOID. Let alone a name change (we have been married for 5 years), whoops. She previously had obtained a FOID card when we first met, due to my request to do so when we moved in together. (She doesn't personally own any firearms currently) Fast forward to my discovery of her FOID card as I was packing up the safe with her previous name and address on it. She went online on 10/20/16 and applied on the ISP website for a name and address change. But as of 12/3/16 it says that it is "under review". When you check the validity on the ISP site for transfer, it says that it is "NOT FOUND". She hasn't called yet to inquire about the card, but I had seen on the FOID inquiry email page in BOLD letters. "Effective January 1st, 2013, FOID card holders must reapply for a new FOID card within 21 days of an address change and within 30 days of a name change." Is she going to be in trouble? Or has anyone seen an address and name change this long? She has finally came around and wanted to learn to shoot/handle for her own protection. Thanks!
  20. The change of address form seems to be broken. I put in my old address and it takes me here to update my past addresses. The checkbox isn't actually selectable, and the country and state dropdowns contain no entries and I can't just type something in. This doesn't work even after adding a new address record. I've tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE. I've tried to call the FOID number 3 times now, but I get off work right near when it closes. I did manage to get a call in at 2:30pm yesterday, but it still went through the same "we are experiencing high call volume" spiel. Anyone have any ideas?
  21. I was admitted to a psych ward 5 years ago and my FOID was revoked. Now that my 5 years is up, how would I go about getting it back? Also, (and forgive me if this isn't an acceptable topic for this board) if I were to move to another state, will I have problems owning a firearm there too? Thanks for the help!
  22. My wife and I both applied for FOID cards within 24 hours of one another. Hers was approved on day 29 and arrived 6 days later. Mine on the other hand is still showing under review. I emailed ISP and very politely told them that it had been past the 30 days issue/deny period and asked what the status of my application was. Their response was it was being processed and to check back next week. Is this the norm for ISP? It's very aggravating dealing with this just to own a firearm legally. I can't wait for ccl! So any tips or advice on how to speed this up?
  23. I've been waiting for about 45 days now. Haven't had any status change to my account. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? Or if you've received one recently, how long did it take? I sent an email to the state and asked for an estimated wait time and got no response.
  24. Does anyone know how to apply for FOID cards online for your children now? Remember back in March they put this out: When I log in - it takes me to my own summary page. I can renew my own FOID or CCL but there is no other option to request a FOID. I am wondering if each of my kids have to create an account on the ISP website?
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