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  1. Renewal finally went active after 8 months. Denied at 4 months to the day from renewal application due to the training certificate having the trainers ID number incorrect (pre-printed from trainer). Fixed and resubmitted and after another 4 months to the day it finally went active. I guess on the bright side I added 8 months to my ccl. Since it’s always takes exactly the allowed number of days, I believe they do it just because they can.
  2. Also it took probably 5-6 weeks for my foid and 8 weeks for CCL.
  3. I called ISP and was told I could still be in possession but couldn't purchase firearms.
  4. I applied 1/5 without prints. Went active 4/13 and the card arrived 4/16.
  5. Just south of Rockford I stopped at a fuel station/ truck stop that had a DMV attached to it. They were posted, but not using the legal signage. They had big no gun signs printed on standard size sheet of paper taped to the doors.
  6. The Illinois Department of Agriculture building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield is posted. Every door had the signage. The doors are tinted, so they are hard to see from the outside. I actually didn't notice them until I was leaving, I was not carrying though so it didn't matter.
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