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  1. Chicago politicians would get in front of a camera and make grim statements about enabling violence and would name the seller directly and state that they are "exporting violence to our streets" and that the City is looking into what legal recourse they have against them. They would then declare that Congress should close the "person buying non regulated items from out of state loophole," but then blame the NRA for being too powerful to allow for these "common sense" laws. Then they would call for Springfield to enact legislation. Honestly, the anti-gun response is pretty much paint by numbers at this point. While I understand merchants not wanting that on their shoulders I also think it's cowardly of them.
  2. I understand that this new state law doesn't have a preemption clause. While that might be a problem when coming up against a Home Rule municipality that has it's own ban, it won't be an issue when it comes up against a non-Home Rule municipality that has a ban. State law overrides any non-Home Rule municipality's law when there is a conflict. I don't know how many non-Home Rule municipalities have a ban on the books, but I figured this should be considered.
  3. Agreed. This law provides no preemption. Doubt if any list of Illinois municipal statutes exists. Once this law settles in, I will ask the chairman of Knife Rights if he will now be pursuing knife law preemption for Illinois. Some states he has got preemption with the switchblade bill. Others he's done it in 2 steps. The big one that I'm aware of is Chicago's 2.5" blade law, which aside from the super short length is also written with more strict language than the state's 3" blade law. Basically, with the state law, anything over 3" becomes unlawful if you have intent to use it unlawfully against someone. Meaning that you can carry a longer blade if you have no intention of using it unlawfully. Chicago's 2.5" blade law omits the "intent to use" language. I honestly have no idea if it's ever really enforced though. Heck, a standard Leatherman multi tool will have a longer blade and I'm sure I've seen them for sale in the city.
  4. You said "they simply won't ship the knife back to you unless you include a signed form." That "simple"/"signed form" ensures you are compliant with the Federal Switchblade Act. Nothing simple about it. Agreed. I wouldn't advocate fraud which is why I mentioned finding a dealer within the state. I will point out that it isn't to ensure that the customer is compliant with the Federal Switchblade Act though. It's to ensure that the shipper is. That's what I meant by "liability is on the seller not the buyer." And when I said that Benchmade would simply not ship you back your knife, I mean that pretty literally. It's spelled out in their warranty terms. If you ship them an automatic knife without a form, they'll keep the knife as if you surrendered it to them. Simple as that.
  5. The liability is on the seller, not the buyer. That said, a lot of manufacturers won't honor their warranty if the recipient doesn't qualify for one of the federal exemptions. For example, if you ship a knife to Benchmade for warranty service or as part of their LifeSharp program, they simply won't ship the knife back to you unless you include a signed form. Lots of internet advise on forums advocate for a less than honest approach to the issue. The better alternative is to find a dealer in your state who is willing to be a middleman.
  6. Not trying to derail the thread, but CCW App is not just determining which state our CCL is good in. It actually has each state Firearm Law/Concealed Carry Act as well as their corresponding prohibited areas by statute and a lot more . While the Posted app gives you specific places, those are user submitted information and not all places are listed especially those covered by the statute. Yeah, the CCW App is great. It actually links to the applicable statutes for every state so that you can read for yourself the exact law if you want to confirm the summary that the app provides. I consider it an absolutely essential tool for anyone planning on carrying in a different state.
  7. Bill shows a status of "Governor Approved" as of 8/11/2017 and is now a public act as of that same day. http://ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=607&GAID=14&GA=100&DocTypeID=SB&LegID=100589&SessionID=91 Seems like we're good to go now.
  8. Whoa, I didn't realize that about SGAmmo. I've purchased from them several times from my Cook County address and it was never an issue. I'll start looking elsewhere in solidarity. I suppose Palmetto State Armory should be added to the "Lost Causes" list in the original post. They won't even ship to Cook County, let alone Chicago.
  9. The NRA is too busy making videos that add to the venomous partisan political divide hoping to drum up donations in an environment where gun rights are no longer seen as threatened at the Federal level to do something so granular as educate merchants that their wares are, in fact, legal within a region of Illinois. The NSSF is probably the better bet since they actually represent the firearms industry. Also the ISRA since they actually are in Illinois and could lend credence to their assertions. This has been an issue for quite a while. Organizations have had quite some time to send a letter to these merchants. I don't know what has been done, but I haven't heard anything from any organization saying they'd acted on behalf of Illinois gun owners. Just individuals taking their own initiative and sending letters and emails that reference the law to individual merchants. Most of these seem to be ignored. I'm so annoyed by this that until something drastically changes I prefer to reward my business to the companies that actually care about us rather than beg and grovel to the merchants who don't.
  10. And now the countdown begins. Wonder if he'll sign before August 15th.
  11. I'm not sure what is meant by "legal length" though. I The only issue with blades longer than 3 inches is if a person "Carries or possesses with intent to use the same unlawfully against another." The length itself isn't a crime.
  12. Early adopters of the CCL didn't get new FOID cards. That didn't start until later. I'm in the same boat. I assume it'll all sync up either when I renew my CCL or FOID.
  13. Silly question, but are there blade length restrictions in the state? I keep hearing that Chicago does, but I've never seen the actual law, so I'm not sure if it's reality or just word-of-mouth.
  14. I wonder if they are interpreting the Cook County ammo tax as a ban on shipping ammo since they don't collect the tax?
  15. The voluntary admission causing a person to become a prohibited possessor in Illinois is the hugest load of BS. Forcing a person to choose between their health and their rights is ludicrous! It creates a disincentive for gun owners to seek treatment for mental health, the consequences of which could be tragic. Anyone who supports this for people who voluntarily seek treatment is evil. Nobody would consider removing a person's 1st Amendment protections because they are getting cancer treatment. I completely understand that there is a period, especially when medications are being fine tuned, that having firearms around presents a great risk, but the 5 year requirement seems completely arbitrary and punitive. Really, this issue should be between the patient and the doctor. If you trust your doctor you are much more likely to follow their instructions. That trust is lost once the government butts in with prohibitions like this.
  16. Glad they got paid, but it doesn't seem like anything changes for us as of today.
  17. Is the new FOID style being rolled out for new applicants only, or are those of us who applied for the FCCL when it was first available going to be getting new FOID cards as well?
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