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  1. Followed up with my County board member by phone and he forwarded it to the others. He is not interested

    his e-mail to me

    As you can see, I forwarded your information on to my fellow boardmembers on 4/19 and have had no conversations with any of them about the matter.


    But as he forwarded it he basically killed it.




    Spoke with this gentleman on the phone and gave him my personal opinion, both on the subject and about bringing such matters before the Board in resolution form. I made it clear that I was speaking to him as a citizen just as himself and in no way would presume to speak as the Board. I told him I would forward this to all of you with no expectations of action.

    Douglas County board passed a resolution quite some time ago expressing the Board's support of the 2A. Maybe it has been too long ago for current members to be aware. Charles Knox led the charge on that, if I remember correctly.

    My address change was submitted Jan 5. Still waiting, I have dialed the ISP number often enough that I put it on my contact list. They have never answered the phone no matter how long I wait. Fed up for sure.


    To have someone pick up, try pressing the proper number while the first message is playing. Don't wait for the message to finish. Doing this has put me in the queue nearly every time.

    I have tried that with no success. Today, the recording explains that they have a high volume of calls and then say goodbye and hangs up. Just dandy!

  3. For anybody that is changing their address due to receiving a E-911 address you need to call the firearms bureau and let them know. They are suspending the $75 charge for the FCCL and only charging $5 plus credit card processing fee for a total of $6. The down side is it suspends your carry until the supervisor can sign off on the process. Because the system will show payment pending on FCCL until the supervisor signs off taking you back to active.

    I tried calling for three days and just gave up. Cannot win in this state.

  4. Lets talk about Parks in small cities for a moment. Our Chief of Police published a long article in the local paper yesterday. Mostly calm stuff, but at one point he stated that CCW holders would be arrested if they had a firearm in a vehicle in the city park. I thought that we have Safe Haven in our vehicles, such that when we drove into a parking lot of an otherwise prohibited place, that we could secure our pistol and be fine with regard to the law. Am I all wet or did he mis-speak?
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