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  1. To have someone pick up, try pressing the proper number while the first message is playing. Don't wait for the message to finish. Doing this has put me in the queue nearly every time. I have tried that with no success. Today, the recording explains that they have a high volume of calls and then say goodbye and hangs up. Just dandy!
  2. My address change was submitted Jan 5. Still waiting, I have dialed the ISP number often enough that I put it on my contact list. They have never answered the phone no matter how long I wait. Fed up for sure.
  3. I have not been able to post since 3/14/2015. Can you help?
  4. That is exactly the training that I had. I will approach him and try to determine if he just lost his train of thought or got a mite bewildered for a moment. Maybe he got left out of the training video for the Police, who knows!
  5. Lets talk about Parks in small cities for a moment. Our Chief of Police published a long article in the local paper yesterday. Mostly calm stuff, but at one point he stated that CCW holders would be arrested if they had a firearm in a vehicle in the city park. I thought that we have Safe Haven in our vehicles, such that when we drove into a parking lot of an otherwise prohibited place, that we could secure our pistol and be fine with regard to the law. Am I all wet or did he mis-speak?
  6. House district 102 Adam Brown Senate district 51 Chapin Rose
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