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  1. I love this decision but the judges ignored Heller, what stops current judges from ignoring this decision?
  2. What I read is that it not only addresses the may issue states but also the shall issue states that impose over strict restrictions on limited places (sensitive) and on high fees. I would think this opens up questions about Illinois many prohibited places
  3. The mentally ill are not the problem. How many anti2 legislatures would pass a mental test?
  4. I am voting for Bailey. It is too easy for Illinois liberals to spread lies. It is very possible down state conservative Dems may support Bailey while northern rinos will support Iving.
  5. With my current concern over loss card I think I will keep my card home in the safe. There are a few ffls that post here. Will they comment on how there are handling the purchase of ammo in their store. This old man finally figured out how to quickly pull up my deck page on my android. Will this satisfy them? Next question is out of state sales.
  6. I teach this but I also quote the FCCA stating that a loss or stolen card is invalid. The Foid modernization act quote many statutes striking them out thus nullifing them while quoting replacement. The concerned FCCA section is not referenced. The new foid act does not speak of a loss card. I am obviously not a lawyer, just want to stay on the right side of the law and present the law currectly to my clients.
  7. Got another question. Loss of card. Will e-card cover this? Or will owner still have to notify state police of loss, stolen or destroyed card. Will this cause the ccl license to be deemed invalid?
  8. NRA instructors can get a digital copy of the card from their page on the nra instructor portal. It will include ratings and expiration date. I have forgotten when I last set my updated card to the ISP. For two decades I have not had to pay but still had to renew ever two years. They finally put my expiration out to the far future so I no longer have to renew every two year. Not sure were that leaves me with the ISP.
  9. Is a screen shot all that is required? Card can then stay home? Or link to deck page bookmarked to quickly pull up e-card?
  10. Freedom is wonderful but it does attract those who get fed with tyranny only to bring with them their tyranny. It is common for urbanites to move to the country then complain of the lack of government services and the aroma of livestock.
  11. The way I read the law about universities they cannot prohibited parking lot storeage but can limit and designate the parking lot.
  12. The FCCA is not the first statute to make it unlawful to carry on private property without property owners permission. The FCCA provision made it clear a CCL did not nullify the older statutes requirements. Somebody much smart then me can post the previously existing statute.
  13. Past Illinois rino governors have been as bad or worse then Pritzker. I prefer to vote for the better guy even if he loses. I am done helping the bad guy.
  14. To have a dem run and win on the Republican gubernatorial ticket is nothing new.
  15. People recognizing the injustice of politically motivated gerrymandering could be a start to a better system.
  16. Years back I made a wise, conscience decision to not live in Chicago. My voting district did not include the lake front. I did not move. Gerrymandering deprived my area of the right to be represented in congress.
  17. I live two counties south of Cook but my federal rep's district has a finger that runs up to the lake front. That is classic gerrymandering. I have no representation in D.C.
  18. She is not pushing for 2A rights. She knows the courts will not nullify federal weed laws. They should but will not nor do I believe she wants them to.
  19. It is comforting that the the ATF and federal gun control laws stopped violent crime both individual and organized. I feel totally safe.
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