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  1. I took the 3 hour renewal on 6-1-24 Submitted certificate and paid my money 6-6-24 Now I wait.
  2. I just sent off for my CCL renewal this evening. Now to see how long it takes.
  3. Makes me proud to have been a member for several years. It says something when law enforcement is against a law.
  4. I'm in on all 3. Thanks again for making it so easy to file mauserme.
  5. Thanks Mauser for making it so easy to file. I'm done on all.
  6. You may have already seen this but just what I found . https://www.andrewnickel.com/blog/2021/october/illinois-knife-laws/
  7. The Lodge small ashtray skillet can be found on Ebay. If you are a mind to visit that site.
  8. I have that book and soundguy is right. The book is quite eye opening. A very good read.
  9. I just wonder how many people were prosecuted for noncompliance in Connecticut when their registration scheme went into effect.
  10. There are 40 states that allow Full auto firearms as long as they were made before 1986 . If they were a problem , we would have seen it in the news media before now. https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/blogs/nfa-gun-trust-atf-information-database-blog/nfa-items-permitted-by-state
  11. Maybe I am missing something here but why would you be uploading the old certification? You need to take a 4 hour refresher course and submit that certificate.
  12. To come in and change some info on a form is one thing . To say that an incorrect entry was made and I need to bring my firearm back for a day or two extra hold , when I have already had said firearm for a few days , isn't going to happen with me. I would go in to make a correction on the form though.
  13. I wear the suspenders to keep my pants from falling around my ankles. I wear a belt for all the things I can't attach to my suspenders. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. My sister brought by her copy of the notice yesterday asking if I had gotten an email concerning this topic. I hadn't at that time. It was late yesterday evening before my notice came through . Don't give up hope yet Molly B. I am sure you and Mr. B. will get to roll in the money like the rest of us. ๐Ÿ˜
  15. ISRA can kick rocks ( being nice here ) as far as I am concerned. I was planning on becoming a life member but that won't be happening now. ๐Ÿคฌ
  16. So if we don't remember the expiration date of our F O I D card then we have to call in also? I guess we can go online and check every couple months to see if we are nearing a renewal date ?? This stupid state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Very Good Point. My interpretation is you can still be convicted for not having a FOID for anything beyond simple possession inside your home, and the case was remanded because striking the entire statute was overkill Sorry but I can't get my head wrapped around that idea. If it is ok to posses a firearm in the home without a FOID card , then how did the firearm get there ? You can't buy a firearm without a FOID card , it is not legal for someone to loan or give you a firearm without you having a FOID card , and you certainly can't buy any ammo for the firearm without a FOID card. Pure stupidity!!!!!
  18. In the mean time , just remember to use your carry license till the new card comes. If you ever get a hold of someone that is. LOL Laughing is better than crying for you.
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