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  1. I note that "assault weapons" legally owned by an Illinois resident before Jan 2023 but stored out of State do not need to be registered. So the question comes to mind - may they be temporarily brought back into Illinois, used at local shooting range, and then returned in a timely manner to said out of State storage without registration? Also, Can they be brought back into Illinois permanently and registered at any time after Jan 1 2024?
  2. I definitely recommend the metal extended mag release vs any of the plastic ones I saw advertised. Easier install than the bolt release....and that task was pretty simple.
  3. I just finished the super-easy install of an extended mag release lever and auto-bolt release on my classic 10/22. No more fiddling with the small mag release lever and when in the locked open position a simple pull of the charging handle releases the bolt as it does in most every other semiauto out there. Several great YouTube vids take the pain out of the whole bone simple process The BEST part of this satisfying improvement is the super low cost of just $17. Both the lever and bolt release plate are metal, not plastic, for a lifetime of use I'm thnking. Similar items are availble all over the interwebs, I got mine off Amazon. Amazon.com : MUUP Extended Magazine Release Lever and Auto Release Plate for Ruger 10/22 Combo : Sports & Outdoors
  4. My son and I carry CCW Safe. I heartily agree that having 'someone's' legal protection coverage ahead of time is WAY better than going it alone or searching the internet for anybody should you get arrested. My 24/7/365 CCW Safe phone number card is in my wallet IF the need should arise. One less thing to worry about I'm thinkin'. But hey, I only gotta keep ME happy. Life is a series of choices and everyone gets to make their own.
  5. Yeppers - I will turn 75 when this new infringement takes effect. I'm too old and wore out to do any "time" and Social Security won't cover the costs involved in defending myself in court. My choices are fleeing Illiniois or complying.......... so from a realistic standpoint, complying. Just like the grabbers intended.
  6. I expect that the two weeks prior to January will see massive activity. The court cases that were 'hoped' to resolve this unconstitutional mess in our favor have not as yet yielded any positive results as they move through the system at the pace of a dead snail. I personally am not optimistic that we wil prevail, but as always hope springs eternal.
  7. In its current form as enacted, a person has until Jan 1, 2024 to register their items. I am unaware of what would happen in your scenario. Personally I will have chosen my course of action a couple weeks before that date. I always operate under the notion that if a government agency 'can' screw with me? They WILL screw with me, so I act accordingly to be in as much compliance as I can. As a sadly lifelong Chicagoan, I well remember the 'good old days' of mandatory registration of all firearms.... and for the record I was in full compliance with that idiotic piece of legislation too.
  8. Yep - a mid-December decision seems like a wise move IMHO. Or at least until all the court cases are decided.
  9. Getting to sound like the best option off a list of all crappy options, is to wait till mid-December and see what's what then.
  10. Thankfully I didn't mention owning one of them things that go up.
  11. Just remembered I might own a couple DEADLY ASSAULT thermonuclear 25 round mags for a Ruger 10-22.
  12. Am I to infer that 17 round factory mags for a handgun or >10 round AR mags 'can' be registered and then be legally usable at a range or whatever?
  13. What about 80% completed lowers with no serial number one wonders?
  14. I realize that AR lowers fall under the provisions of this new act. For an unassembled lower however there is no caliber designation as the same lower could be made into a pistol or rifle in .223, .300 Blackout, .458 Socom or even .410 shotgun. In fact until it is attached to a suitable upper assembly it “could” be either a rifle or a pistol. If an owner were to try to register a bare lower, how should they answer the questions regarding Rifle/pistol/shotgun and caliber/gauge? Or is there an “N/A” option for those items?
  15. RandyP

    What happens

    I guess I 'could' always just epoxy the adapters into the mag base? But I'll wait till I see the magazine police are hanging out at the suburban ranges.
  16. RandyP

    What happens

    My highest capacity carry handgun has a 12 round magazine, so no worries ever there, I do have a CZ SP-01 Tactical - strictly a range gun - that has 17 round mags into which I've installed 2 round cutoff adapters.
  17. RandyP

    Ear protection

    Low-cost hi db rated non-electric muffs and low-cost hi db rated plugs...... always. Unbeatable hearing protection at a super-affordable price.
  18. I'm satisfied with my three 'low tech' Amazon Blink cameras. Front and rear doors of the house and across the yard at the garage entry door. Battery life is quite good and options for free or pay subscriptions.
  19. And THAT is why that Ice Cream franchise sells all those different flavors. IMHO we are living in the 'Golden Age' of handguns. I'm 74, been shooting for over 60 years, and marvel at the plethora of 'good' choices for reliable, safe firearms there are at ALL budget levels. I reckon we can thank the era of the "polymer wonders" as the genesis of this Golden Age. I well remember when low cost/affordable meant Saturday Night Special crapola, Not anymore....IMHO.
  20. Thanks for the info. I thought it was something different, but still kudos to Sig for the offer. I would have no issue owning one.
  21. IMHO Sig resolved the issue with the recall. The BEST safety for EVERY firearm lies between the ears of the shooter. I have a few different handguns in my carry rotation, all with one in the chamber, most with no external safety. Cuz when the feces hits the rotary ventilator I may well need it to fire now, not after I do some manipulation I could fumble. Caveat, I am NOT in the Israeli armed forces, nor do I train at the high level they do. I'm a geezer with arthritis and will never carry in any condition other than one in the pipe.
  22. The ATF notice simply puts 'recreational' users on notice. I'm personally more Libertarian than anything else and have a Hoosier brother -(Constitutional Carry State) who chuckles every time I mention the 3-day waiting period, permit classes and renewals, FOID cards and other 'nonsense' gun laws in Illinois. I further would have NO problem were the US a "Constitutional Stoner" country. This whole Rights depend on your Geography situation is a mess.
  23. I 'think' that what I wrote is that anyone who SMOKES pot is an unlawful user as defined by Federal law. I could of course be mistaken. I don't see where I included your choice of scenario? My comment would therefore suggest regular/frequent users of the stuff.... at least that was my intent. Again, what anyone else does is of NO concern or interest to me. If I was an occasional user of the stuff I couldn't sign the 4473 stating I didn't.
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