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  1. The only thing I found regarding it being unlawful for a minor to be in possession of ammunition is if they have any misdemeanor convictions for anything other than a traffic offense.


    Which, by the way, would also get their FOID revoked, making possession of the ammo illegal anyway due to no longer having a FOID.


    So yeah.. no non-traffic misdemeanor convictions, and valid FOID? Should be OK.

  2. Did the ISP mail the address of his ex because he had not updated the address on the FOID? Also I wonder why when the OP was thrown out that the ISP was not notified?


    My understanding is that the ISP is notified immediately upon the issuance of an OP, rather than awaiting the outcome of the hearing. I could be wrong on that, though...


    OP, sounds like your buddy's lawyer did a great job. Can you share the lawyer's name with us?


    I can try and find out, but keep in mind also that this all took place down south in the "free-er" part of the state. lol

  3. So about a year and a half ago, my buddy and his wife finally hit a point in their marriage that was the tipping point, so he decided it was over, gathered some of his stuff and moved out. No violence, small argument... but in the end, he simply moved out and made it clear they were over.


    She immediate files an order of protection on him out of spite. Within a week, they have their court hearing and the judge throws out the OP.


    Various meetings happen with their prospective lawyers, various court hearings.. and as of a few months ago (late summer, early fall) their divorce was finalized. We all assumed that was that.


    So a couple weeks ago, he goes to a local gun shop to buy a gun. Fills out the paperwork and all that goes home. They called him the next day to inform him that his FOID wasn't valid, and had been revoked.


    He calls the ISP and they inform him that his FOID was revoked the previous year when his wife issued the OP. The kicker here... they mailed the OP to his former address... his wife's address... and, of course, she never informed him about it. Seriously, though... why mail the OP to the address of the person who issued the OP??? It's not like he was even allowed to be there.


    Anyway... he calls the local LEO and arranges to stop in and turn in his FOID. He then immediately contacted his lawyer and got the appeal paperwork put together to begin the process of getting his FOID back, assuming it would be cutting it close for the Friends of NRA banquet we're planning on going to in early March.


    He got a letter from the ISP yesterday... didn't want to open it, assuming it was going to be one of many hoops he needed to jump through in the long process of getting his FOID back. So he opens it... and there's his shiny new FOID card.


    One and one half weeks from appeal to new FOID card! :hyper: :clap:

  4. My daughters boyfriend put the pot in her purse when pulled over and she got a misdemeanor charge.

    This is well over a year maybe 2 years ago, who is the prohibitor the state police, DuPage County, or the local PD where I dropped her FOID off?

    Can't she just apply again and get a new card?


    When she logs into the site, is there an option for her to apply? If not, she'd likely need to go through the applicable appeal process, as they'll want to verify that the reason for the revocation no longer applies.

  5. Based upon a 2015 report 26.2 % of residents own guns in Illinois

    No one knows the average of guns per owner as there is no registeration in place


    Not sure how the numbers would be heading downward what with the increase in FOIDs in the last year and the boom in sales at LGS's




    And in another study Illinois at 12,800,000 pop equaled 11,400,000 number of guns owned in the state

    Cool to mention also the correlation to countrys as the relate to the size of gun ownership in this study




    Where data comes from, what data is used, and how that data is presented are all relevant things to consider when looking at information like this.


    For example, your first link... which shows that in 2015, 26.2% of Illinois residents owned guns.


    That 2015 report was based on a 2013 online YouGov survey (here's a brief article summarizing their results), which invited 11,471 people (age 18+) nationwide to participate, 5,392 people started the survey, 4,622 people completed the survey and out of those, 4,000 were chosen to represent the national sample.


    So out of those 4,000 people, some (an even split would be 80 people per state) were Illinois residents, and 26.2% of them indicated that they owned guns.


    This is a perfect example of why I take most statistics with a grain of salt.

  6. Sorry I right click not CLOUD over under review

    Really need to know if this method still works

    I'm using regular computer and look though both boxes

    Of computer data

    What concerns me is no approved now, no change,

    No info.


    Thanks for any help!


    Things can move very quickly between QC verified and Active.


    That being said, you need to be looking on the left hand side, where it says something to the effect of <span class = "hidden status">"visible status"</class>, where the hidden status would be either QC Verified, Approved, Submitted, and the visible status would be Under Review, Rejected, Active, Denied, etc.


    Basically, I'd say you're probably fine... should be changing shortly! :)


    Submitted change of address on 11/11/2016, as of today it still says "Under Review" and "QC_VERIFIED" when I inspect the element. Called two weeks ago, they said "Give it another week or so". Called today the rep stated "We've been so busy processing all types of applications, there is no statutory limit on address changes, so these have been taking a little longer".


    In my humble opinion I took this to mean "Because we are not REQUIRED to process your address change within any time-frame, you're just going to have to wait".


    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure new FOID apps, Address Changes, Renewals, etc, all state 30 day processing (even though that's rarely, if ever, met).


    I have a few issues with this...


    1. I can not purchase a new Firearm..... Infringement?


    2. I can't really run the risk of even legally transporting any current Firearms, say to go to the range, as if I'm stopped, and for whatever reason searched, the officer(s) may not consider my current FOID card valid as it's address conflicts with my drivers license. (I might be stretching the scenario a bit, but it's not impossible)


    Anyway, hope this helps anyone currently going through an address change, just know ISP is essentially putting our apps on the back-burner.



    Correct, there is a 30 day time limit. But they tack on the "printing and shipping" as additional time. When they were emailed to inquire on a Friday (if I remember correctly), that following monday it went "ACTIVE". She then received the email stating it would be 10-20 additional days. It arrived 3 days later in the mailbox.

    But also, NO you would not be able to purchase a firearm without matching ID/FOID addresses. (was even worse for my wife due to her name also being different).

    I had also heard that some had issues with purchasing ammo as well. But heard that some were okay.


    We were informed that you would be "OK" with owning the firearms that you already have during the address change. But the whole thing seemed very sketchy to be honest.

    I'm not sure if they are just understaffed, or what. But they implemented this ridiculous policy of a paper ID that affords you your constitutional right. They should budget plan to handle the staffing needed for FOID/CCLs. It's not like FOID is something new.




    If I were to do a name or address change, or even a renewal, I would print up the confirmation and carry it with me any time I was carrying or transporting firearms. Just sayin'.



    Good point, I've also heard that you should carry your FOID that hasn't been updated with you at all times until they provide your new one. I guess that goes without saying, but good note for others!

    Cops do not care what address is on your FOID card if you're pulled over. Until your new card with an updated address is active, your "old" card is still valid.


    Also, there's no requirement that your FOID card's address match your ID for purchasing guns or ammo. Keep in mind, the requirement to obtain a new card with an address change is only a few years old (used to be able to change address online and not receive a new card unless you wanted one). The address on my FOID card has been out of date for years.


  8. Okay guys im reading straight from my computer screen as i type this: QC_ VERIFIED, APPROVED

    so am i reading too deep in to this or could i be going active soon?

    Those are both hidden options.


    You need to look in the bottom window (not the pane on the right) for the part that says:


    <span class="HIDDEN STATUS">VISIBLE STATUS</span>


    The hidden status should be either Submitted, QC Verified, or Approved. The visible status (this is what you see on the page without doing the right click, inspect element trick) would likely still be Under Review at this point.


    I just saw all the posts. Thanks for replying. I sent off for my first FOID and it was Denied Thursday. No details yet. Someone told me if I made a mistake on it or my picture was insufficient they could deny. True?

    This is true yes. If the address doesn't match what's on your DL, not enough address history or errors in said history it can be denied.



    I don't think that's true. I know that CCL apps with missing or incorrect information are "rejected," not "denied." I see no reason why the FOID would be any different.



    Ok..so I bite the bullet and wait...finally, on OCT 26th I go to ACTIVE. So here I am 10 days later...I'm not counting the day I went active nor am I counting Sundays. NOTHING IN THE MAIL.


    Active does not necessarily mean that it has been printed and mailed. You're active; you'll get it soon. ;)


    And welcome to IC!


    If not, then why is the forum filed with people who said they went active and got theirs in 2-4 days? As well as others 9 plus days? Is this a county thing? Is this just a typical, no rhyme or reason as to how Illinois does anything? Does the ISP mail in batches on certain days or as licenses get printed. These are answers Id like as everything else is just white noise to me...lol


    I'm literally 3 hrs from Springfield and I order supplements snail mail from ANOTHER COUNTRY and get those in 7-10 days



    No rhyme or reason would be the most accurate answer lol.

  11. At the present, Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore is not shipping to Chicago


    I have ordered from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore on several occasions without a hitch. I placed an order on 8/6/16 and updated my FOID information. On 8/8/16, I received an e-mail indicating "at this time we cannot ship ammo to Chicago. Is there another address we can send this to? I called customer service regarding this matter. The response was this just changed in the last couple of weeks. The last shipment I received from SOSS was 7/26/2016. I asked was this Sportsman' decision or a change in the law. She indicated she was not sure where the decision came from, but she believed this was coming across the board.

    Could this possibly be due to the recent ammo tax that took effect?


    Are businesses refusing to ship to Chicago / Cook County because maybe they think they would have to charge customers that tax, and are refusing to do so?


    I just don't see why more than one business has recently changed their policies and no longer ship to Chicago / Cook County...

  12. So my License came in the mail, and that's fine. But, my FOID number changed and my new FOID card hasn't come in the mail, and I expect it not to be here for another 7 days. Now according to ISPFSB, my FOID and CCL number are the same. Does the CCL function as my FOID? Can I carry with out my FOID on my person, while in procession of my CCL? And, am I currently not inline with the law just owning firearm, as my current FOID does not match the new number on file?

    As of last July, you're no longer required to carry BOTH your CCL and your FOID card.


    So yes, you care fine to carry with only your CCL.

  13. Ya I see your point, also it took them a week to answer my e-mail is this normal?

    ....Question when buying a case of ammo on line do they ship it in a blank box or just the box the ammo comes from the factory?



    They're really busy lately, and apparently understaffed. My last order took over a month to get to my door.


    As for the factory, they are the factory... it's their brand ammo that they're making/shipping so it's in their boxes.


    Well Freedom Munitions wont ship to me. I emailed them and they emailed me back saying...

    " No we are no longer allowed to ship to Chicago. I apologize."


    I placed an order 2 weeks ago that I've been waiting for them to process as they are "experiencing high demand". Did you ask them why they have changed their mind?



    This is on their "Terms and Conditions" page:




    ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS: Must have current copy of FOID card and State Photo Identification, No sales of ammunition and/or magazines to the City of Chicago.
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