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  1. On 1/31/2023 at 9:17 AM, Ranger said:

    I thought the following article was pretty interesting.  Obviously DeVore is getting a boatload of money and free publicity from this; but whether to join and pay his fee is a conscious individual decision so I have no quibble there.

    My question is...  Is he in effect creating a gun registry of sorts by doing it how he is doing it?  Looks to me like he has now created a public list of around 2,566 people who very likely possess weapons that now violate state law (a law which I agree should be found unconstitutional).  It's probably no secret that I'm not a DeVore fan; but I think I like Stock's approach a whole lot better.



    DeVore filed an Effingham County challenge on behalf of 866 named plaintiffs. It is pending an appellate court decision of a lower court’s temporary restraining order blocking the law. A ruling on a TRO is pending in a White County case where DeVore represents nearly 1,700 named plaintiffs.

    Caulkins’ attorney Jerry Stock labeled DeVore’s filing as a “side show.” Stock argued he doesn’t need hundreds of plaintiffs in a case to prove the law is unconstitutional.

    “There was no way I was going to attempt to represent hundreds of clients when the remedy sought is a judgment, not the temporary time out,” Stock told The Center Square. “While we’ll seek that on this path, the real goal was to knock this legislation out. I thought that my firm taking a fee based on the volume of clients was not something I could be comfortable with ethically.”

    Stock said he wasn’t casting aspersions and people can hire any attorney they want, but he “very strongly disagrees” with DeVore’s approach.

    “I think it’s a far more liberal way of pursuing the claims,” Stock said. “And not having to implicate every individual gun owner or to charge every individual gun owner a fee, because it just was not necessary.”

    I have been on the fence on whether to be a Plaintiff in case #3 or not for various reasons. After reading what stock had to say, I'm going to go with my "gut" and save my $200 for now. I also am waiting for the judgment remedy and not just a "time out"- I firmly believe we will prevail in defeating this bogus law in the long run. I've already donated to Todd's case via ASC and will consider sending more vs going to case #3 that may or may not even get a TRO. Thanks for the info Ranger.

  2. On 1/20/2023 at 7:24 PM, soundguy said:

    There are two active threads discussing this. It’s been on all of the Chicago area local stations and some local stations out of state… I haven’t seen it air on CNN yet. Not have I seen it in t two of the three broadcast network news programs. They have only limited time on air and are likely coot on streaming programs. 



    I should have clarified. I didn't see it on. CNN. I don't watch CNN. It was the only story I seen on my Google news app that I seen.  I have been coming here all day looking for an update and just didn't see it.  


    If I could delete this thread,  I would but that's not an option. 

  3. On 1/12/2023 at 5:27 PM, BCC said:

    Will county Sheriff Kelly is cowardly silent...no response via email either !!!!

    😡 doesn't surprise me.  Riley had him on the vote count on election day but a week later after the mail in (harvesting) votes "came in", Kelly took the lead and the W and he apparently cares little about his oath to the constitution. 

  4. On 1/11/2023 at 3:51 PM, liberty13 said:

    Nor mine (Will) - come on - be the first collar county to do so!

    🙏 this happens.  I'm also in Will county and have been dismayed to see them remain red as a sanctuary county.  Anyone have a direct connection with the Will county sheriff?

  5. Felt the love from my mailman today :-)

    Now that a few of us have been through the process, our experience can/will help future applicants in knowing what to potentially expect.


    Applied 1/2 W/prints

    Went UBR on or abot 2/5

    Went back UR on 2/25

    Went active on 3/13

    Received license on 3/17 (3 business days)


    GL to all that follow and are reading this.


    That is the best news I have heard all day. Now lets hope my mailman is as good as yours. BTW, are you near Cook County?

    I'm in will county. ..joliet area... and to operator45. ..NICE!
  6. So my application Just came OFF of board review. if this answer was given above I apologize for repeating an answer. I spoke with a lieutenant in charge of the CCL program, maybe not in charge of the whole thing, but one of the head people. He did state that if you are under board review it is either A. The state police have objected, or B your local law enforcement agency has. In my case there was an incident from 2005 that resulted in a local ticket, not a conviction or anything. I spoke with the local LEO and they told me the reason they sent, and according to them, it is not necessarily an objection, they just send what info they have over, and the board makes the determination. I don't know if I hold that COMPLETELY true. But the other thing I learned is that even if you've had ANY interaction with the police, if you've ever had them called on you for whatever reason, and you've had to give your license and they take your info. Chances are they flag your application, in order to give them the 30 days to actually look at the reason you were spoken to. So basically if you have no convictions, and as long as the police weren't at your house or visiting you on a consistent basis. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    welcome back to the UR crowd. Did the Lt. Give any indication how long before you would get approved? Or what exactly happens next? What "pile" Your app goes into.

    It's been two weeks since I've been back under review and I'm getting ansy. I originally applied 12/23, paid 1/2 w/prints

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